Prohibiting Prohibition

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It's a sad day indeed. I'm not going to pretend this is not happening, because folks, it is... The government of the United States is in fact moving to ban their citizens from gambling online. Bill Frist, the US Senate Majority Leader, attached a version of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act to an unrelated bill on Port Security, thus winning the official Beer Football Club's, "you've gotta be f'ing kidding me" award of the month. So, OBVIOUSLY if you're against prohibiting gambling, you're also against safe ports in our country... Oh yea, I see the correlation.

No matter how it falls, I believe my constitutional rights are being disregarded. I'll go more into it later in the week as this unfolds. Besides, much has already been said about the bill. My suggestion to the masses is to vote each and every congressman and senator who's up for re-relection right on out of office.

So, what now, right? Well, until determined otherwise, CheckRayz has a tour they're conducting. For this month, I have tournaments confirmed at 32 Red, Poker4ever, and Celeb Poker. Still waiting to hear back from Kiwi Poker and Noble Poker... One other NEW poker room is gonna host a bash or two for us as well. Also, we're going to do a little somethin-somethin at River Belle Poker, so stay tuned.

I am not telling anyone what to do, or how to do things, but I am rather certain that any of the poker rooms I have and am currently dealing with are up front, mostly honest places of business. I do not see them getting shady on us. First sign of it, I'll surely report, but overall, I still feel safe conducting business as usual. Thus, I won't be cashing out like it's goin out of style. If I do, I'll report here.

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