BPT Week 1 Winner - Pubside Chat

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As part of my continuing coverage and participation in the Blogger Poker Tour, which is sending two Bloggers to the Aussie Millions, courtesy of Poker.com, I took the opportunity to have a Poker Pub side Chat with Season 2, Event 1 winner ReplicantPoker.

Rep has been blogging for nearly 2 months now at http://replicantpoker.blogspot.com/, but has been a poker player for roughly two years. In addition to winning event one of the BPT Season 2, rep took down the poker.com forum challenge. It would seem that he has been quite successful at taking down events on poker.com. After all, Rep does consider himself a tourney specialist and it surely shows. He has what it takes to be a champion in poker tournament play, but admits he does not have the patience to sit and grind it out in the ring. He looks to Phil Ivey as his inspiration to tourney play, calling Phil "one of the greatest tourney players ever."

It was in the Poker.com Forum where Rep first heard of the Blogger Poker Tour. "When I heard about it, I thought I'd give it a shot," rep tells the Beer Guy over a cold one at the Poker Pub. "My first event was fantastic! There are some truly great players and I will definitely be back."

I cited to Rep that when the final table formed, he was sitting in seventh in chips, having roughly 1/3 of that of the chip leader. I had to know, what was the plan going into that final table?

Rep tells me "Whenever I make a final table I never have a plan I just take it as it comes, I was worried about natsdad (the chip leader with 30.7K chips when the table formed) and hacksaw (fourth in chips at 13.5K) the most as I have a lot of respect for them, I only wanted to go up against one of them with aces or kings."

As it turned out, he outlasted both of his respected foes and ended up heads up with Michael1965, where Michael pushed with 3c4c, only to run into Rep’s Hilton sisters. Nicky was able to hold an intoxicated Paris up and the sisters emerged victorious... ReplicantPoker takes down event number one of the BPT Season 2.

As we finish our Beer, I ask ReplicantPoker if he takes down the entire tour and represents the Blogger Poker Tour and Poker.com in the Aussie Millions, how he would approach the Millions. He suggests he will approach the tournament "calmly, making sure he was not readable, while hoping for some big hands. Most importantly, he will remain calm."

Thanks to Rep for sitting down with me over a beer to discuss the BPT. After one week, and looking at the Leaderboard, Rep sits in second place with 225 points. ViezeMan, with the host bonus sits in first place.

Event number 2 of the Blogger Poker Tour Season 2, called "Royal's Bluff Till You Drop Bender" is scheduled to take place on October 7 at 3pm Poker.com time (GMT-5, for those keeping score).

BPT Leaderboard After Round 1
1 ViezeMan (HB) 258
2 ReplicantPoker 225
3 Michael1965 185
4 Irongirl 164.25
5 BobbyOlsen 144
6 JCL514 124.25
7 natsdad 105
8 Quackpot 103.5
9 Hacksaw2000 102
10 astinaguy 100.5

11 brodoughno 99
12 kufolem 65
13 kanyezee 64
14 BenPlayin8 63
15 mpgabriel 62
16 OhioMike 61
17 Osssss 60
18 Mada1970 59
19 imjusthere4thebeer 58
20 xScrewballx 57

On the Bubble
21 burnley1 56
22 kdollar00 55
23 DamRiver 54
24 DawgRoyal 53
25 caroon 52

(courtesy http://www.bloggerpokertour.com/schedule.htm#leaderboard)

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