State of CheckRayz and Online Poker

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Dear Valued CheckRayz Member,

For nearly the last year via CheckRayz and for a bit over that via the Shark Poker Tour, I’ve had the pleasure, scratch that… the privilege of playing online poker with each and every one of you. I want to start off by saying thank you for allowing me that opportunity.

As you all surely know, the hostile government of the United States has taken measures to attempt to strip their citizens of some very basic constitutional rights, specifically the freedom of press, in that they have proposed that internet service providers block access to links for gambling related material going forward (upon request).

Additionally, they seem to take the stance that online gambling is now prohibited, thus making future transactions to and from poker rooms and casinos far more difficult going forward. They approved this measure like a thief in the night, attaching it to an unrelated Port Security Bill. How these two measures (strengthening the security of our ports and online gambling) are related is beyond me, however, it was apparent that our congressmen had to either vote for the bill in whole or they were “obviously” against safer ports in our country.

The Poker Player’s Alliance is still trying to fight the good fight for us. Among other things, they seek to gain an exemption to this act for poker, similar to the exemption that Horse Racing, certain fantasy sports, and of course State Run Lotteries have already received. If you’ve not joined up with the Poker Player’s Alliance, I urge you to do so at this time. Join here: http://www.pokerplayersalliance.org/

Next, as a result of this legislation, many poker rooms are going to “turn the lights out” on their US Customer base. The poker rooms that CheckRayz have affiliated themselves with are believed to be of the highest integrity. I do not believe that anyone will be unable to access their money in the event that a poker room pulls out of the market. I believe each room will set up a standard procedure to withdraw funds.

As poker rooms pull out of the US Market, I will keep everyone informed (as I discover the information). I will do so via the Poker Pub blog, at http://imjusthere4thebeer.blogspot.com. I cannot, nor will I tell anyone to either keep their money at a poker room, or to pull it out. I will, however, commit to keeping everyone as informed as I am.

Additionally, as for the private CheckRayz tourneys, I will continue to run them as long as I have poker rooms willing and able to run them. Some poker rooms, such as Poker.com http://www.pokercs.com/_755cfa74a3b0d94de4d515c6d7cbb38b/ have came out and announced they have no intentions to change their business (www.poker.com/blog/2006/10/usa-players-you-need-to-take-action.htm).

Other Poker rooms, such as Celeb Poker, Titan Poker, and Kiwi Poker have set timelines for withdrawl from the US Market, and/or intentions to do so.

As poker rooms make their intentions clear, I will be updating the blog and also the Promotions page of the CheckRayz site, which is here: http://www.checkrayz.com/poker-promotions-and-bonuses.asp

That being said, we’re still on as of right now for Friday at 32 Red for the Freeroll - http://www.32redpoker.com/?BTag=32RedPBanAff4785

Additionally, all seems to be a “go” until stated otherwise, for any and all tourneys listed on the CheckRayz Calendar of Events: http://freecal.brownbearsw.com/BeerGuy and the passwords are here: http://www.checkrayz.com/poker-tourney-schedule.asp

I took the Celeb heads up challenge off the calendar, as we will not be holding that tourney. I do recommend withdrawing funds immediately for all US Customers.

Also, a new poker room stepped up and gave us a $150 Freeroll. Download The3dPoker room here: http://www.the3dpoker.com/?oka=evxsttctqf - 20% up to $100 first time deposit bonus.

In closing, thanks again to all who supported the tour. I hope to continue to bring you quality freeroll and money added tourneys in the future. Please join the PPA, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about online poker… or even to just say hi, for that matter.