Blogger Poker Tour Live - Ultimate Poker Challenge 2

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We're live from the Ultimate Poker Challenge. This being attempt number two of the third event, second season of the Blogger Poker Tour. We're about 45 minutes out and there are 100 of the blogosphere's finest bloggers ready to compete in today's $500 freeroll.

In season 1, the BPT sent one blogger to the WSOP Main Event. Season two, bigger and better than ever, the blogger poker tour shall send one TWO bloggers to the Aussie Millions!

This event is the third of seven legs of our BPT Second Season, and no one is "clearly" running away in the points race. Although, with one and two final tables, natsdad, Alex, sits atop the leaderboard with 321 points and is seemingly the early favorite.

Two others sit above 300 points on the leaderboard. ViezeMan, the beneficiary of the week 1 launch bonus sits in a close second with 320 points. Rounding out the lead lap, DawgRoyal sits in third with an even 300 points in part by virtue of a hosting bonus.

As always, we will have our live coverage of today's Blogger Poker Tour Event here at the Poker Pub. Today's event is hosted by the Ultimate Poker Forum Blog. Be sure to stop by and say hello. Additional thanks goes out to the folks behind the Blogger Poker Tour, specifically Shane the Commissioner of the BPT, and the rest of the great people at Poker.com.

One quick note, anyone wishing to add to my commentary may feel free to do so using the comments link on this post. While I try hard to cover all aspects of the Blogger Poker Tour events, I am after all... only one man. Additionally, appologies in advance if I drop the hammer get details wrong. Feel free to correct me along the way, and I'll edit after the fact.

For live up to the minute chip counts, head over here.

As a quick sidenote, I've been working on a new template that I was planning to debut. I'm actually going to go live with it tommorrow. To preview the template, head over to the Freeroll Poker Pub. Please comment on the new look over here. Furthermore, that blog no longer serves the purpose I initially had for it. I'm entertaining offers, should anyone wish to purchase the rights to it. The page is currently google PR3 and ready to roll!

Back for more BPT coverage in 30 minutes.


And we're back... Just about set to go. Looks like 101 entries, which makes this event by far the richest event from a leaderboard standpoint thus far.

At my table sits peacefulpaul to my immediate left. Followed by Denijel88, Teentar, mick5434, ZowieZ, and mpgabriel. Then comes a familliar face, Irongirl, followed by khebeez to my immediate right. I'd expect one more to join momentarily.

Additionally, we'll be following around a few of the point leaders, so stay tuned. Once again, feel free to post commentary and/or beat stories to the comments section, which I've left open and working "without a net."

4.03... sybtnaicata joins pearlsnapman and ohiomike in that "elite club."

4.05... isinm2006 joins the table. peacefulpaul folds tens preflop to denijel88's monstrocity of a preflop raise, who shows QQ. WOW!

*** skinski, replicantpoker, lightning, haley, quackpot and DawgRoyal all on table 2... glad I'm somewhere else...

*** speaking of the last longer club, ohiomike and pearlsnapman are on the same table, acompanied by Alex (natsdad), michael1965, JayNYC, and hacksaw, aong others.

4.10... bust update... Porkrind333 and Mada1970 hit the rail.

4.13... booboy follows suit...

*** sidenote, I think the bluff of the match belongs to viezeman's avatar. If you've not yet seen it, head over to table 8 and check it out.

4.15... (blinds 10/20) irongirl reraises from the SB over my 4x raise. I lay down AKs. She shows pocket rockets.

4.20... nuff said.

4.21... newfie25, stuarthomegame, and EgonOlsen have joined the railbirds. Speaking of birds, SweBlackbird is off to a nice lead. Also on the lead lap are starkstatic, gohabs1234, astinaguy, and crazylegs1984.

4.24... BUSTOUT... on a flop of (Jc,Qc,Ac),ReplicantPoker Check-raises lightning36, who calls. Turn and river bring(6d)(4s).
ReplicantPoker has (Js, Kc)
lightning36 has (Ad, 8d)

lightning36 Wins 2,095 from pot 1 with : Pair of Aces
ReplicantPoker OUT.

Also on the outs are Evil666 and gaambol.

4.30... Live Chip Count...

4.32... Joey (DamRiver) checkin in... "Hey Mike, I was inspired by your AKs laydown but it cost me here. stinaguy Posted Small Blind 15
Rahaboss Posted Big Blind 30Dealing CardsYou Were Dealt (Kc, As)
starkstatic Folds NeoBahamut Folds ATheGuruK Foldsbgdn007 Calls 30
DamRiver Raised to 125 burnley1 Folds astinaguy Folds Rahaboss Folds
bgdn007 All In for 1,785 DamRiver Folds and Shows Kc As
-------------------------------------------------bgdn007 Wins 1,985 from pot 1
bgdn007 Rabbits (Ah , Qd)Community Cards (Ad , 3h , 4d , 9h , 5d)."

4.34... to "86" something means to throw it overboard... viezeMan 86'd RobinBos with two pair, yet somehow, the chip exchange didn't send anyone over the rail...

Speaking of men overboard Bergeroo, TOMASO2 find themselves on the wrong side of the rail.

4.36... BUSTOUT...
OhioMike All In for 1,035
Brunsie Calls 960
OhioMike has (Ts, Td)
Brunsie has (Jc, Ah)
Board comes (Kh,8s,Kd) (Qh) (Ad)
Brunsie Wins 2,195 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Aces and Kings
OhioMike OUT

as are... z0ot62, luckylulo, and kgabesz... 85 players remain...

4.45... my buddy john, lightning36 sits on the lead with nearly T7500. Enortone, elc3105. tomonbass, and starkstatic round off the top 5... Cashline, kdollar00, RobinBos, mick5434 all hit the rail, as blinds are pressuring at 50/100...

4.47... phreaux and kiwiwiz join my table, while xScrewballx and crazylegs1984 join the table of death... Speaking of, lightning up to 9800 chips... and counting.

4.55... Haley cripples Crazylegs, then eliminates him one hand later...

xScrewballx Posted Small Blind 75
crazylegs1984 Raised to 300
lightning36 Folds
CawtBluffin Raised to 1,050
crazylegs1984 All In for 3,425
CawtBluffin All In for 2,650
crazylegs1984 has (Qc, Js)
CawtBluffin has (Qs, Ad)
(9s,3c,Qh) (4s)(7h)

crazylegs1984 Wins 25 from pot 2 with : Pair of Queens
CawtBluffin Wins 7,625 from pot 1 with : Pair of Queens

***Bustouts*** - quackpot, actyper, bgdn007, kanyezee, starkstatic, xxRockinXXD, mpgabriel, AcesCrumble, crazylegs1984, Sweblackbird, stratman4u. xScrewballx, Denijel88, natsdad... 67 remain at the break...

5.00... Live Chip Count...

Top 5...

Haley - CawtBluffin - 10,460
lightning36 - 9270
NeoBahamut 8765
Enortone 8150
isinm2006 8140

5.05... 3 way allin, irongirl spikes king on the river, giving her best hand over isinm's 66, and Caskka's K8.

5.10... JTielking24 spotting citing the site is rigged... doubleuwhy, caskka, stormswift, pearlsnapman, and joey all on the rail. 60 remain.

5.12... Haley and John continue swapping out the lead...

5.15... Paul drops me with his pocket aces... I pushed into him with A10s. Rockets fly... I rail... 56th place...

5.20... Now that Imma railbird myself, we can focus on the action at hand. 50 players remain... Live Chip Count...

We have quite a few short stacks, that should thin the field down to 40 with a quickness... At the top of the pack, we have some movers...

JustADonk has moved into the top spot with 12K, followed by Rahaboss with 11.6K, haley with 11K, elc3105 has 10K, and John has just under 10K...

No sooner do I say that than do we see John chip up... Why do I have a feeling that the winner shall come from the table of doom?

Speaking of that table, cerberi, and viezeman have joined haley, john, Dawg and Skinski... This continues to be a ridiculously tough table.

Viezman allin with big slick, doubles through gohabs1234.

5.23... blinds 150/300... from the big blind cerberi comes overtop john, who lays it down.

5.25... blinds 200/400... down to 40 players... make that 39 as skinski, fondling paris and nicki, throws bettybet over the top rope...

5.27... Seating arrangement:

Table of death


Table 3


Jay, with queens, doubles through gohabs.


NeoBahamut Posted Small Blind 200
elc3105 Posted Big Blind 400
Dealing Cards
Hacksaw2000 Folds
Teanter Folds
freeroll26 Raised to 800
JustADonk Folds
tomonbass Calls 800
Rahaboss Calls 800
NeoBahamut Folds
elc3105 Folds
Dealing Flop (7s,8c,Td)
freeroll26 Bets 800
tomonbass All In for 2,943
Rahaboss Folds
freeroll26 Calls 2,143
freeroll26 has (Jd, 9d)
tomonbass has (Tc, Qd)
Dealing Turn (As)
Dealing River (3d)
freeroll26 Wins 8,886 from pot 1 with : Jack High Straight
tomonbass OUT

cerberi Posted Small Blind 200
DawgRoyal Posted Big Blind 400
Dealing Cards
skinski Folds
gohabs1234 All In for 1,530
ViezeMan Folds
lightning36 Folds
CawtBluffin Raised to 2,660
JayNYC Folds
kufolem Folds
cerberi Folds
DawgRoyal All In for 1,800
DawgRoyal has (Qh, Qd)
gohabs1234 has (9c, Kh)
CawtBluffin has (Jd, Ad)
Dealing Flop (2h,7s,6d)
Dealing Turn (Th)
Dealing River (6s)
DawgRoyal Wins 1,340 from pot 2 with : Two Pair, Queens and Sixes
DawgRoyal Wins 4,790 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Queens and Sixes
CawtBluffin Wins 460 from pot 3 with : Pair of Sixes
gohabs1234 OUT

Table 1


Table 4


5.34... Haley with quads... WOW...

CawtBluffin Posted Small Blind 200
JayNYC Posted Big Blind 400
Dealing Cards
kufolem Folds
cerberi All In for 3,185
DawgRoyal Folds
skinski Folds
Osssss Folds
brodoughno Folds
ViezeMan Folds
lightning36 Folds
CawtBluffin All In for 7,730
JayNYC Folds
cerberi has (Qc, Ad)
CawtBluffin has (Ts, Tc)
Dealing Flop (2c,Th,Td)
Dealing Turn (3s)
Dealing River (9h)
CawtBluffin Wins 4,745 from pot 2 with : Four of a Kind, Tens
CawtBluffin Wins 6,770 from pot 1 with : Four of a Kind, Tens
cerberi OUT

Three tables now remain...

elc 21.7, viezeman 12.5, haley 11.5, brodoughno 10.7, freeroll26 10.2... skinski, mort, Osssss all on the short stacks, under 2K... 27 players.

Live Chip Count...

Rahaboss, three handed and utg+1, min raises all the way through with runner runner ace ten...

Kufolem four flushed by an allin Ossssss, who's five of hearts was boss there...

Speaking of allins, Teentar moves allin after two limps... royalroynr1 and elc3105 check to the river. Teentar somehow ends up with best hand, with an Ace ten, as the board misses everyone...

Freeroll26 doubles up Teentar, who has pocket queens and 12K chips now...

Big bustout... Battle that has been brewing all day, haley vs john...

lightning36 Posted Small Blind 300
CawtBluffin Posted Big Blind 600

lightning36 Raised to 1,800
CawtBluffin Calls 1,200

Dealing Flop (Qh,2c,6c)
lightning36 All In for 4,289
CawtBluffin Calls 4,289

lightning36 has (4c, 4h)
CawtBluffin has (Qs, Kh)
Dealing Turn (5d)
Dealing River (7h)
CawtBluffin Wins 12,178 from pot 1 with : Pair of Queens
lightning36 OUT

Appologies, as my connection is getting rather intermittant due to a storm...

mortguns allin between two big stacks in royalroynr1 and Rhahboss, mort survives with KK.

5.48... blinds 400/800... Pocket Queens over pocket twos, haley sends Jay back to NYC...

5.49... kufo allin, both dawg and skinski call... kufo's pocket jacks sends them both to the rail... double whammy, we're down to 19 players now... and in hand for hand mode...

5.52... mortguns out courtesy elc's AQ

correct live chip count link...

5.58... Table makeup and approximate chip count

Table 1 - table of death...

Haley 26K
Brunsie 8.5K
kufolem 9k
redeyed030 1500
michael1965 9k
Osssss 4.2k
brodcughno 19k
viezeMan 11.7K

Table 2

peacefulpaul 8k
Chatuba 22K
Rahaboss 14.7K
Wade79 1325
royalroynr1 24K
elc3105 22K
hacksaw2000 1488
teentar 7420
DavidMalek 10.9K

5.59... 500/1000... Paul moves allin with KK on shortstacking wade's Q7. Wade on the rail in 17th place.

5.59... note to self, haley does not seem to be a cheap date and can throw from the button with the best of em...

6.00... redeyed gets the bb special and the cdu via brunsie jj v 1010...

6.02... hacksaw allin in the cutoff with a10, royal and his a6s doubles him up...

Michael in 99 v haley's AJ. J hits flop, Michael's off like a prom dress...

Haley continues on a rampage... 88 sends redeye on the redeye with a3... haley has amassed 44K and is really running away with this... and we're at the break...

14 remain...

Chip count

Haley 44K
elc 21K
Chatuba 18.6K
Hacksaw 17K
kufolem 16.7K
13. peacefulpaul 5967
14. Osssss 2740

blinds will be 750/1500 upon return to play...

John (lightning36) checks in...

"Hi Mike: Great coverage of the Blogger Poker Tour. I just lost concentration while playing too many tourneys at one time (for me) and made some poor decisions. I am very disappointed in my play today. I hope your blogging gets you the trip to Australia. You deserve it, bud. "

Thanks John... I can only imagine what too many tourneys looks like... I'm trying to cover three tables plus play my own... That is a bit much at times, but very enjoyable and well worth it.

P.S. - Bro, don't fool yourself, you played a hell of a game from what I saw... That table of yours was in fact the table of death... Wow.

6.10... 750/1500... Ossss allin from SB J9 v Viezeman's JJ... Osssss hits the straight on the turn...

6.11... Vieze hands bro some serious chippage...

Moves allin next hand QJ QJ...

Back on table 2...

Chatuba Posted Small Blind 750
Rahaboss Posted Big Blind 1,500
Dealing Cards
royalroynr1 Folds
elc3105 Folds
Hacksaw2000 Folds
DavidMalek Folds
peacefulpaul All In for 3,717
Chatuba Calls 2,967
Rahaboss Calls 2,217
Dealing Flop (2d,5c,2c)
Chatuba Bets 1,500
Rahaboss All In for 7,548
Chatuba Calls 6,048
peacefulpaul has (9s, 9c)
Chatuba has (Jc, Ac)
Rahaboss has (7c, 7d)
Dealing Turn (Qc)
Dealing River (5s)
Chatuba Wins 15,096 from pot 2 with : Flush, Ace High
Chatuba Wins 11,151 from pot 1 with : Flush, Ace High
peacefulpaul OUT
Rahaboss OUT

12 players remain... and the bro moves away from the table of death...

6.14... LMAO! Brunsie pushes with the "but they were suited" 29 of spades... runs into tean's pocket 8s, only to spike that nine on the river and complete his steal, sending tean to the rail...

6.16... 750/1500... Osssss on the rail, pushes allin with jack nine... ousted by brunsie with K9...

*** Final Table time...


CawtBluffin 40,564
2 Hacksaw2000 29,308
3 Chatuba 28,350
4 elc3105 25,685
Average Stack : 20200
5 kufolem 19,520
6 Brunsie 17,610
7 DavidMalek 14,445
8 brodoughno 14,235
9 royalroynr1 6,533
10 ViezeMan 5,750

My money is still on Haley...

Brunsie making a nice, slow, yet deliberate comeback...

6.20 1000/2000 *** Busthand

royalroynr1 Calls 2,000
DavidMalek Raised to 5,000
royalroynr1 All In for 4,533
DavidMalek Calls 1,533
royalroynr1 has (7c, Ah)
DavidMalek has (Ac, Kh)
Dealing (2h,Qd,Ks)(Qs)(Qc)
DavidMalek Wins 16,066 from pot 1 with : Full House, Queens over Kings
royalroynr1 OUT

6.23... 1000/2000... BUSTHAND... elc sets his jacks on viezmans push with ace nine... viezeman finishes in ninth place.

6.26... BUST...

Hacksaw2000 Posted Small Blind 1,000
CawtBluffin Posted Big Blind 2,000
kufolem Raised to 4,000
Hacksaw2000 All In for 20,308
kufolem Calls 17,308
kufolem has (Kd, Kc)
Hacksaw2000 has (Td, Ad)
Dealing Flop (9s,6d,3c)(5h)(5d)
kufolem Wins 44,616 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Kings and Fives
Hacksaw2000 OUT

Kufo silently slips into the chip lead... though the teetering blinds will shift it back n forth between haley and kufo, as they're within a few hundred chips...

Big hand...

6.30... Brunsie Raised to 8,000, elc3105 Calls 6,500 from SB. And on a Flop of (8d,Td,4h), elc3105 Checks raises brunsie, who folds, giving elc the chip lead...


Kufo knocks out Brunsie, KK v 66...

We're now 6 handed... blinds 1500/3000...

6.33... AA v AA... haley v elc... all rockets successfully launch...

6.34... haley sets kings via two on the board vs. bro's 10-7 suited, which was allin preflop from the SB...

down to five, hcip lead back to haley...

6.35... Count is as follows:

1 elc3105 63,035
2 CawtBluffin 62,799
3 kufolem 46,338
Average Stack : 40400
4 DavidMalek 16,478
5 Chatuba 13,350

6.39... bustout and big hand...

Chatuba Posted Small Blind 2,000
kufolem Posted Big Blind 4,000
Dealing Cards
elc3105 Folds
CawtBluffin Folds
DavidMalek All In for 7,478
Chatuba Calls 5,478
kufolem Calls 3,478
Dealing Flop (5c,4c,7h)
Chatuba All In for 2,872
kufolem Calls 2,872
kufolem has (Kc, 4s)
DavidMalek has (Ks, Td)
Chatuba has (Ac, As)
Dealing Turn (8d)
Dealing River (8c)
Chatuba Wins 5,744 from pot 2 with : Two Pair, Aces and Eights
Chatuba Wins 22,434 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Aces and Eights
DavidMalek OUT

6.40... bustout...

CawtBluffin Posted Small Blind 2,000
Chatuba Posted Big Blind 4,000
Dealing Cards
kufolem Raised to 8,000
elc3105 Folds
CawtBluffin Folds
Chatuba Raised to 12,000
kufolem All In for 28,488
Chatuba All In for 16,178
kufolem has (Qc, Ad)
Chatuba has (As, 2s)
Dealing Flop (Ah,3d,2d)
Dealing Turn (Tc)
Dealing River (Ts)
kufolem Wins 8,310 from pot 2 with : Two Pair, Aces and Tens
kufolem Wins 58,356 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Aces and Tens
Chatuba OUT


1 elc3105 70,035
Average Stack : 67333
2 kufolem 66,666
3 CawtBluffin 65,299

big hands...

kufolem Posted Small Blind 2,000
elc3105 Posted Big Blind 4,000
Dealing Cards
CawtBluffin Raised to 14,000
kufolem Folds
elc3105 Calls 10,000
Dealing Flop (7d,8s,6d)
elc3105 Bets 24,000
CawtBluffin All In for 41,299
elc3105 Folds
CawtBluffin Wins 95,299 from pot 1

haley cdu's elc twice...

kufo sits in a comfortable lead...

6.48... Kufo keeps pressure on haley in SB-BB...

6.49... blinds 3000/6000... haley smartly folds from the SB, putting kufo on exactly the hammer...

6.49... big hand...

elc3105 Posted Small Blind 3,000
CawtBluffin Posted Big Blind 6,000
Dealing Cards
kufolem Folds
elc3105 Calls 3,000
CawtBluffin All In for 17,194
elc3105 Calls 17,194
elc3105 has (Js, As)
CawtBluffin has (4h, Td)
Dealing Flop (9c,Th,2s)
Dealing Turn (6c)
Dealing River (8c)
CawtBluffin Wins 46,388 from pot 1 with : Pair of Tens

elc crippled...

6.50 bustout...

elc3105 Posted Small Blind 3,000
CawtBluffin Posted Big Blind 6,000
Dealing Cards
kufolem Folds
elc3105 All In for 4,946
CawtBluffin Calls 1,946
elc3105 has (Qs, Kh)
CawtBluffin has (Ad, Td)
Dealing Flop (Ac,7d,Ks)
Dealing Turn (Th)
Dealing River (Qh)
CawtBluffin Wins 15,892 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Aces and Tens
elc3105 OUT

We're now heads up...

105-96... kufo leads...

Final Hand...

CawtBluffin Posted Small Blind 3,000
kufolem Posted Big Blind 6,000
Dealing Cards
CawtBluffin Raised to 15,000
kufolem All In for 99,666
CawtBluffin All In for 81,334
kufolem has (Qh, Ad)
CawtBluffin has (6s, 6h)
Dealing Flop (5s,9c,Qs)
Dealing Turn (Ks)
Dealing River (Td)
kufolem Wins 9,332 from pot 2 with : Pair of Queens
kufolem Wins 192,668 from pot 1 with : Pair of Queens
kufolem OUT
CawtBluffin OUT

Kufolem wins!

clean up, linkage and thoughts tommorrow...

Take care,