BPT Season Two Event 2

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3.45pm EDT - 15 minutes from start time, and it appears as if the door has again been left wide open, as I scroll down and see the "waste of life" among the 71 or so entries, compared to last week's 75. Needless to say, this person only comes around holding her hand out, cutting in line when peeps are handing out freebies --- never a thank you, a show of appreciation, and guaranteed she'll not make even 1 blog post.

Additionally, the heavy hitters are also present... OhioMike, Egon, Haley, John, Skinski, Student. This is quite a roll, if you ask me. Our host, DawgRoyal, is also present. It should be noted that BPT Season 1 standout and WSOP bracelet winner Dutch Boyd is absent again.

Additional beerguy note: it took someone like me to replace Dutch as host last season --- just sayin' end beerguy note.

3.55pm EDT - Seated. starting to my left: tomonbass, purechaos, luckylulo, Bardiya, Bobbyolsen, stormswift, hacksaw2000, Evil666 (to my immediate right).

4.00.45pm EDT - OhioMike goes out in style...

4.05pm - peacefulpaul follows suit. Student/Joey/DamRiver has nice seat with Dawg to his left.

4.13pm - Blinds 10/20 1810 chips, 88 SB. 4 handed as mid position raises, danger flop, nothing I'm wanting to yet get involved with. Sitting with 1760 chips and 63rd of 70.

4.17 - I wonder if "the student" reads my blog as it's updating... Re-reraise in position, bro! you'll see what I mean and probably know what I mean if you're reading this right now - said another way, I think your weak king was good.

4.20 - celebrating the twice daily national holiday...

4.25 - just notice we have a tenth player, vmavrou. Not sure how long they've been there... guess the "holiday" has me lagging...

4.27 - Binds 15/30 - I need to take my own advice and begin playing aggressive in position.

4.30 - Blinds 25/50 - personal note... why don't peeps text me when I'm not doing anything? First tourney I get into and my phone whistles like... well like... haha, it just won't let up.

4.30 - asangenito exits in the 70 spot.

4.32 - 25/50 - kanyezee goes out in the 69.

4.35 - rough chip count top ten :

1. mick5434 5633
2. mada1970 5135
3. doubleuwhy 4110
4. quackpot 4025
5. neobahamut 3915
6. replicantpoker 3785
7. freeroll26 3480
8. evil66 2900
9. brodoughno 2787
10. elc3105 2610

me: 55th - 1590

4.37 - Osssss and BenPlayin8 go out... waste of life is nearly dead in the water.

4.40 - blinds 50/100 - considering contacting live support regarding the lack of live cards I am receiving. As I post and ponder that, Bardiya mows down vmavrou with AQ to A10. At a similar time, Meerkat and wastoid are also eliminated.

4.45 - blinds 50/100 - I could have sworn I saw Haley in the tourney. Can't find her name anywhere now.

4.47 - blinds 50/100 - no more limping preflop, seriously...

4.48 - blinds 50/100 - Joey with KK v AQ's freeroll26 on his table when queen hits the flop and freeroll moves over top. KK holds, student chips.

4.49 - allin preflop from tomonbass. Storm swiftly calls with AQ, which beats out bass' 6-6.

4.50 - skinski joins to my left and MTLdon arrive across the table.

4.50 - RobinBos, tomonbas, astinaguy, cerberi all eliminated. 59 remain.

4.52 - evil666 eliminated... quick email response, "yes, I have to mention everyone on my table and all who are eliminated, as it coincides with my plan to link everyone."

4.55 -Blinds 75/150 - freeroll26 ousted. I "accidentally" hit allin on SB-BB vs Skinski.

4.57 - ReplicantPoker, event 1 winner, is eliminated.

4.59 - Chaos drops luckylulo with Q9s v JJ - allin preflop board comes Q-10-10-8-8.

5.00 *break* chip count

1. mick5434 7528
2. debbiedragon 6145
3. DamRiver (aka - student and/or joey) 5620
4. Quackpot 5525
5. elc3105 5485
6. purechaos 5370
7. stuarthomegame 5165
8. actyper 4990
9. booboy119543 4930
10. MTLdon 4765

me: 47th with 965, 55 remain

5.05 - play resumes, blinds 100/200.

5.05 - Egonolson is gone, as is marckster1, and lightning36. 52 remain.

5.07 - irongirl joins the casualty list. As does NeoBahamut and bergeroo. Damatrix joins to my right, the host three to my left.

5.12 - the host doubles up via purechaos JJ v AJs. My hopes of ousting the host have been delayed pending a double through or two for myself.

5.13 - ATheGuruK leaves in 49th place. Fardiya leaves via the reverse domination KQ v purechaos' KJ (two pr).

5.15 - blinds 150/300 - cashline joins elimination line. Ajo utg allin Dawg reraises with AK, KK hits the board and puts me out. Host emilinates me in 45th place. I'm not sure, but I believe that was the exact way I was ousted for event 1, though in much more favorable a position.

5.16 - also eliminated were JCL514, before me, Zakinvegas right after.

5.18 - MTLdon calls Royal's allin with KK. KK holds over the host's JJ and the host is railed.

5.19 - ZowieZ also hits the rail as does mortguins, Harlequeen, and JBaldwin. We should be down to four tables.

5.20 - DaMatrix eliminated. Several players crippled. I think we hit three tables before blinds increase in four minutes or so. No sooner do I write this than Brunsie and stuarthomegame is eliminated followed by stormswift via purechaos.

5.23 - Quackpot with pocket nines eliminated caroon with 7-5 dead in the water on the BB. Rahaboss and Goliath2180 go out before and after. As predicted 3 tables before the next blind level.

5.25 - blinds 200/400 actyper gone. Purechaos torturing his table raise, reraise, raise raise raise... knocks Hacksaw from the tourney with AA vs. the saw's AQ. "oops". Cazwil goes out in 28th right before.

5.27 rough chip count:

1. purechaos 22.7K
2. Porkrind333 18.3K
3. mick5434 10.9K
4. Quackpot 10.3K
5. flushedhand 10K
6. booboy119543 6430
7. debbiedragon 6395
8. Mada1970 6140
9. elc3105 5770
10. DamRiver 5370

5.28 - skinski and isinm2006 out. Chaos causing raising hell by continuing to raise it up preflop from position whenever he chooses.

5.30 abstratto out. Kipper01 out. iyatoni doubled up via chaos on the BB.

5.33 Speaking of toni, he recovers from a reverse domination of her AQ v. Don's AJ spiking a jack on the river, only to drive the nail in don't coffin a few hands later. Chaos makes a "but it was suited" play on BobbyOlsen taking him out with 2-7s v QQ, dropping the tourney down to two tables.

5.34 - tables sit as follows:

Table 1:

RaisinYa 4150
xScrewballx 2630
ViezeMan 2510
flushedhand 8165
DamRiver 7010
DavidMalek 2070
Quackpot 6295
booboy119543 12867
mick5431 13.83

Table 2:

pearlsnapman 3470
purechaos 30205
debbiedragon 2640
iyatoni 3810
Mada1970 2750
Porkrind333 21530
elc3105 7570
brodoughno 4585

eliminatedL Michael1965, doubleuwhy

Raisinya drops screwball AQ v AJ allin fest.

Debbie pushes alin utg vs chaos. chaos catches and ousts the dragon.

dad makes nat proud doubling through porker with Ak v aj

dam river got lucky on his namesake, catching a fourth card to his straight to keep up with a made one.

someone needs to do something about my lack of chat privleges on the table right now...

Blinds 400/800 - snapman doubles through elc with pocket 8s. Mada donked out vs iyatoni with low pair vs top pair. go figure...

Action... 1010 v aq sb=bb battle. Bro catches two pair vs elc and doubles through.

flushedinhand pushes allin utg AQ v damriver's 99. 9s hold, student beats out the flush. 14 players remain.

Bro drops snapman with AQ v KK. DavidMalek also eliminated. 12 remain.

--- Money --- chaos drops the hammer... while ViezMan drops RaisinYa

Final table bubble --- blinds 500/1000 - peeps are trying to figure out how student "folded and shown" on the allin. He folded and shown and despite claims was not sent money.

Final table bubble --- blinds 500/1000 - Joey pulls trigger on Quackpot, SB/BB, Quack backs down.

33 good for the quacker yet again. just in time to give himQQ v joey's AK. Hiltons stay firm and perky, quack is sitting in good shape after being on the brink of elimination.

Back on table two, chaos resumes pushing, has 27.6K in chips.

Viezman breaks bubble as the short stack losing to mik's 8-js v his 88.

And then we had ten...

Purechaos sits in the lead with 26620 chips. To his left, Quackpot 16,300, followed by booboy119543 (17,000), mick5434 (19,108). Next is Porkrind333 12.2K, elc (shortstacking at 2630). Brodoughno *say that fast three times, sits with 10K. Then we have natsdad at 17.9K, iyatoni at 16.57K and finally DamRiver/Joey/Student sits to the right of the chipleader with 7605.

In addition to BPT Leaderboard points, which get the multiplier for final tabling, top prize for this event is $125 of the $500 prize pool. Can't beat that, right?

Now I am really wanting chat privleges, as they're talking alcohol... damn.

Game resumes, blinds now at 750/1500.

Hand 1: Chaos raises from the cutoff and steals cleanly.

2: Quackpot raises slightly. Porker pushes from the BB after the 7-6-5 flop (2 spades). Quacker abandons his steal attempt.

3: chaos raises, porker reraises from SB. Chaos lays it down.

4: Elc in SB moves and doubles up. Still dead in the water territory.

5: chaos raises into AA, hits top pair and donks off chips to booboy, who is now chip leader.

6: chaos steals EP, up to 11k.

7: Elc allin, toni reriases over top KJ v 88. Elc up to 6K. Joey is short stack now.

8: booboy limps EP with A10. joey allin with KK. KK holds, joey at 14k.

9: booboy limps utg, elc allin. Chaos over top with 99 booboy 10Ks, elc A10. Chaos holds. Shortstack is gone.

11: porker spills chips to natsdad.

*correction* 12: , Joey raises 3x to 4500 with A-10 Porker's allin with 5-6s, which overtakes joey's A10 and takes down the pot.

13. chaos raise EP. Natdad call. K-8-7 checks 10 flushes the board. dad bets, chaos raises, natsdad reraises to allin. Both had flush, with natsdad having the nut flush. Who slowplayed whom there? Chaos hits the rail.

15. natsdad steals from button with 44.

16. quack gets a duckwalk.

17. joey raises button, quack reraises allin. Joey calls with KQ, taking down quack who had J9. Joey doubles through, now sitting at 16K.

18. quack allin on button with 99 mick calls with 10-6, hits two pair and knocks quack out.

19. blinds 1000/2000 joey raises from cutoff. pork calls with A2. Joey sets his queen on the flop and eliminates porker...

Chip count:
(chipleader, moving left)
natsdad 63.9K
iyatoni 11.5K
DamRiver 30K
booboy119543 11.6K
mick5434 20K
brodoughno 4880

23. natsdad steals from the button after limped flop.

24. bro allin from MP. toni ponders calling on the button but folds. boo calls with 7-6s. boo fails to make flush and is now th short stack with just under 5k chips.

25. mick walks.

26. mick pushes with K5, bro doubles through from the BB with A4. Board missed all. Bro up to 20.5, mick down to 11k.

28. walk for toni.

29. toni pushes from SB, joey folds showing 6-3.

30. mick allin utg with A6o. joey calls with KK and ousts mick. Joey to 38K.

32. bro allin joey calls with AK v bro's weak ace. AK holds, joey sits with 58K to nat's 67K.

33. Joey steals utg.

34. natsdad raises from button. call from joey flop 5-6-5, 8K bet from the button into the 17K pot prompts joey's fold.

boo allin with K10 v joey's small suits. Joey flushes and wins. We're 3 handed.

Chip count:

Natsdad 68.7K
iyatoni 12.5K
DamRiver 61.7K

toni allin from SB, joey folds.

toni Q9o allin from button, call from nat's dad A7 - 9 hits flop, toni doubles through to 27K. He gets a walk on the next hand.

Blinds 1500/3000

natsdad raises and steals from the BB.

Family flop comes 3-5-2 rainbowed. Toni bets into the board and takes the pot down.

joey walks.


dad 59, toni 36, joey 45

dad raises from position with queens and steals.

joey raises from position, dad reraises, joey calls the allin with AK flops top pair vs natsdad, only to be straightened out by a four cards to the straight. Board came ALL AROUND natsdad, who had pocket nines. Dad's up to 107K to toni's 36.6K and we are now head's up.

2h-3h-A flop, toni doubles through natsdad. Toni had "the ace" to dad's q-3. 64-74 now, in toni's favor.

dad regains the lead knocking toni off the pot. 75-62.

KdQd9s, big betting. toni is allin on the turn as a four hits. dad thinks, dad folds 5-4, a flush draw and low pair. 88-55 now in toni's favor... nice play on toni's part, he had to have put him on a draw.

*Correction* - next hand, toni catches middle pair and a flush draw, gets allin but dad had top pair, which sets on the turn. Dad is up to 110-28 now.

Dad pushes with the lead. Toni pushes back, natsdad folds the hammer, which is minus EV. NEVER fold the hammer...

toni pushes from the button with k7o nats dad hits a straight with the suited gap tooth whore (Q9s) on the board of 5-10-j-k-a... Natsdad is the winner of event number two of the Blogger Poker Tour.

Hopefully, we'll have a Pub Side Chat with the winner of Event Number 2 soon. Otherwise, event number three is scheduled for 21 October, with a host to be named later. See you soon, and keep blogging.