Blogger Poker Tour - Event 3, Season 2 Live Coverage

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We're just a few hours away from the start of the third event of Season 2 of the Blogger Poker Tour. It seems as if we'll have a good showing for this third BPT event, as we're sitting with 74 bloggers registered and three hours remaining. This is despite the server issues that caused the first and second try at this tourney to unregister.

As you recall, we sent EgonOlsen to the World Series of Poker during the inaugural season of the Blogger Poker Tour. This time around, for the second season, we'll be sending one two bloggers to the Aussie Millions!

This event is the third of seven legs of our BPT Second Season, and no one is "clearly" running away in the points race. Although, with one and two final tables, natsdad, Alex, sits atop the leaderboard with 321 points and is seemingly the early favorite.

Two others sit above 300 points on the leaderboard. ViezeMan, the beneficiary of the week 1 launch bonus sits in a close second with 320 points. Rounding out the lead lap, DawgRoyal sits in third with an even 300 points in part by virtue of a hosting bonus.

As always, we will have our live coverage of today's Blogger Poker Tour Event here at the Poker Pub. Today's event is hosted by tomsange over at the Ultimate Poker Forum Blog. Be sure to stop by "his house" and say hello. Additional thanks goes out to the folks behind the Blogger Poker Tour, specifically Shane the Commissioner of the BPT, and the rest of the great people at Poker.com.

One quick note, anyone wishing to add to my commentary may feel free to do so using the comments link on this post. While I try hard to cover all aspects of the Blogger Poker Tour events, I am after all... only one man. Additionally, appologies in advance if I drop the hammer get details wrong. Feel free to correct me along the way, and I'll edit after the fact.

And with that being said, we'll be back in a few hours for live coverage from the tables of Poker.com of the Blogger Poker Tour, right here at the Poker Pub.

30 minutes to go time

With 30 minutes remaining until we shuffle up and deal, we're sitting with 92 bloggers registered for this tournament. While I typically like to follow the host's table and report on it, it seems as if either the host is not yet present, or I've misidentified the host. Hopefully, he will surface shortly.

Speaking of corrections, click here for the correct and up to the minute chipcounts for the Ultimate Poker Forum Open

3.55pm... the BPT Tourney seemingly shit itself shut down. More info to follow.

4pm... in the queue with support to get info on the tourney.

4.05... imjusthere4thebeer: Hey, just needing to know real quickly if the BPT event is going to be rescheduled for today, tommorrow, or whenever so that I can help get the word out to the peeps via the Poker Pub Blog...

imjusthere4thebeer: Chat Request from PlayerAdmin

You are now speaking with Harry of Poker.com Support.

Harry: pleas eocntact them about this issue

imjusthere4thebeer: them?

Harry: Blogger poker tour

imjusthere4thebeer: that's run by poker.com

Harry: we host it, it is run by them

imjusthere4thebeer: ok, thanks

Harry: no problme bye

Your party has left this session.

BeerGuy note: This dude was seemingly unarmed. I wasn't going to argue and/or debate.

4.20... puff, puff, pass...

4.30... Still no word from the BPT Peeps, or "them" as Harry calls 'em... (the "others?")

4.35... i created a no password BPT SnG if anyone's interested. $2 buyin, all bloggers welcome while we figure out what's goin on... Under Sit N go tab, then custom

4.45... Taking the line on what level the $2000 freeroll will get to before finishing *be it actually playing to conclusion or shutting down... The over under is level 4 and I'm betting under.

4.56... sat for the Saturday 2K... uhoh, not looking good for the "under" bet...

5pm... conceded that both event three and the sng for the BPT won't hold today...

As soon as I hear word from the BPT staff as to a "rain date" or backup plan...

Thanks for coming to the Pub... feel free to drop by anytime!