Special Edition of the CheckRayz Mailbag...

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Blast from the past... A special Thursday edition of the Friday Night Mailbag at the Poker Pub... Because I can...

Speaking of blasts from the past first letter comes from Shark Poker Tour Vet and original member of CheckRayz Carey (Careybear).

Carey Writes:

Oh I heard this was coming when I was still in theStates and now it's gone through...i'm happy i'm in acountry where i can gamble freely...lol Ladbrokes,Coral and many others are down the street!!! Theyeven bet if it's gonna snow on christmas day here!!
I have to go to all my poker sites and change myaddress.....

My response:

Hey Carey,

Great to hear from you again! Yea, if I were you, I'd QUICKLY change my address. Additionally, be prepared for them to ask for proof of address change, which may include a photo id with address. You bailed on this shithole of a country at the perfect time. Talk to you soon and keep in touch!


Moving on, we have marilyn chiming in... she writes:

Just received an email from Poker Ocean that I am supposed to take my money out, and that we can no longer play on their site. Big brother has arrived. Whats next, no sex unless you are in your own bedroom?!?

I respond:

Hi Marilyn, I've never played poker ocean, but I received the same email from Titan a few minutes ago as well. Yes, I do believe that laws of that nature are next, but they'll only allow sex in "government approved" bedrooms, which have the special little tax stamp... Oh, and missionary position only.

Talk to you soon,


Next up, we hit up Bosse in Sweden:

Not that the US Govt´s stupid acting in any way affect my online poker, (being from Sweden(, I do appreciate guys like you, looking out for the rest of us. So, as you stated in your info mail, I drop a mail just to say "Hi"

My response:

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I do believe this will indirectly affect you, as there will be less donkeys ("dead money") out there. I believe the "average players" will now become unprofitable players. Just my opinion though.

Talk to you soon,


Finally, Susan is up... who goes on to say:

American poker players are fighting this tooth and nail!

If you can email this link to all members so that US players can sign it we may have a chance. Pres. Bush has not yet signed that bill. He has not said he won't but he has signed others this week and NOT that one. The more people who sign this the better. It will let the Govt know that we do NOT appreciate these tactics in lawmaking. This is free. Tell them to forward it on to all their friends - American or not. Their friends have friends - get it out there so that as many Americans as possible can make their opinions known!


I myself am planning to transfer to Canada soon.

Thank you,

To which I retort:

Hey Susan, Thanks for the link... My understanding is that Canada is somewhat restricted on where they play as well (bodog, for example). I'd reccommend a warmer climate, an island maybe! Better yet, we could probably take all the paper that it took to write the ridiculous bill, dump it in the middle of the ocean (as trash) and make our own island. What a joke the bill is.

Talk to you soon,


Thanks for the mail everyone... I am sick of writing about this stuff, but I do appreciate the interaction from everyone. As long as this is playing out, I'll be here writing and working, working and writing...

BeerGuy out...