About the Poker Pub Poker Blog

The Poker Pub Poker Blog is the online poker journal of imjusthere4thebeer. It is where you will find any and all news, stories, rantings, thoughts, and/or ideas on anything poker related from the Beer Guy and/or CheckRayz.

Is there a story behind the name imjusthere4thebeer?

As a matter of fact, there is. "Back in the day" I was at this party. This party was a typical party for me, where the guy to girl ratio was in my favor (I didn't hang out with many dudes when I was younger). So, there were many chics to my one self.

We're drinking, having a blast. I'm flirting... the usual. Enter "the girlfriend." She is steaming, seein me with all these babes. I look her in the eye and say "don't worry honey, I'm just here 4 the beer." From that day on, that was the battle cry.

Did you get dumped?

Unfortunately, the "girlfriend" either believed me or put her blinders on. Sometimes chics do that, you know. I'm glad to say we broke up a few months later due to a seemingly "unrelated matter."

With respect to the the Poker Pub Poker Blog, did you imagine you'd write as much as you do?

No, not really. I've been what I consider to be a decent writer all of my life. I've been blessed with the gift of gab. I've taken a few formal writing courses and I've been published officially once, though I do not talk much about that.

Originally, when I started the Poker Pub, I figured I'd write two to three times a week, usually during or after a night of drinking. Then I found out Iggy already was doing that before it was fashionable.

Then, after Iggy beat me to the punch, I decided it would be pretty funny to write about my "little brother's" bad beats. I used to laugh because he'd always whine about people sucking out on him. Then either he got good, or his wife banned him from the virtual felt (which was the worst beat of all - truth be told), whichever you choose to believe.

So, I drifted and drifted, not knowing what to write about or to whom I was writing.

Then I started that little website known as CheckRayz. The Poker Pub became the official blog of CheckRayz. Through the Rayz site, I finally had an audience and enough material to write about.

What is this CheckRayz thing?

CheckRayz is an online poker league I started, where I arrange freeroll poker tourneys and money-added poker tourneys at various online poker rooms. Through CheckRayz, I serve as a tournament director of sorts, I guess.

Well, that still doesn't explain why it is the Poker Pub and not the CheckRayz Poker Blog.

With a screenname like imjusthere4thebeer, it would be rather obvious that I'm rather comfortable in a bar or pub setting. So why not a pub theme for my thoughts, right?

And let me guess, since you play soccer, you own a team called the Beer Football Club too, right?

Sure do, Beer F.C. are my squad, but that's another story.

Are there plans for you to ever use speel or grammar check?

We're on a budget here at the Poker Pub. It was either have beer in the fridge, or turn on the functionallity of the spell check button. The beer won out after deep thought and consideration, which of course required beer to ponder.

Anything else we should know?

Let's see... I don't take myself seriously on here. Usually the things I say have multiple meanings... Quite often I know what I mean, but you may not...

What else...

I am a card carrying member of the Blogger Poker Tour, Currently, I'm one of two two time hosts (only the poker.com blog has achieved this feat and they own the tour)...

Speaking of the BPT, they recently sent me to cover the 2007 Aussie Millions on their behalf. I met many great people while in the land of Oz, and I hope to be face to face with all of them once again very soon.

My more serious writings, you know, the ones I'd be most inclined to spell check, will be on the Poker Writer Poker Blog.

I'm available to cover any tournament, be it online or live. Drop me a line and we can discuss specifics. I can work alone or with a team (your team or mine, doesn't matter - I'm flexable).

Other Facts

I am a single father of a beautiful set of twins...

I'm quite a thinker, and understand the difference between posture and overall philosophy...

Probably a sucker for a tear...

I struggle to read for leisure, yet I can read a poker book cover to cover with no problem.

I probably think most people who deal in absolutes are complete idiots...

I have no time for said idiots...

I don't care if the glass is half full or half empty... I really just want to know exactly how much beer is in the damn mug...

And finally...

Really, I'm just here for the beer...!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see...