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U.S. Friendly Poker Rooms as of 10/19/2006 10am EDT

Blogger? Join the Blogger Poker Tour today! Season 2 sends two bloggers to the Aussie Millions... BPT - only at Poker.com!

As a reminder, tonight is the CheckRayz $100 free poker tournament at Poker4ever. There's no cost to enter this tournament tonight (9pm EDT start time). The tournament is restricted to members of CheckRayz... However, just because you're not a member now, doesn't mean you cannot join. Registration with CheckRayz is free! Click to join CheckRayz. Additionally, if you've not yet downloaded poker4ever, you're welcome to download Poker4ever here.

The password for tonight's tournament is on the CheckRayz tournament schedule and passwords page.

While you're at it, keep in mind that we're holding a special CheckRayz promotional $500 freeroll at Poker4ever. The prerequisite is that you acquire 500 points between Oct 1-31 and are a member of my player's club. If you're not yet a member of my club, please contact me for further ideas as to how to proceed.

Shifting gears for a minute, and speaking of clubs, passwords, and free tournaments. The Blogger Poker Tour is once again throwing themselves a party at Poker.com, the home of the Blogger Poker Tour. Event three is hosted by tomsange over at the Ultimate Poker Forum Tournament Blog.

Members of the BPT can stop on over to the UPF Blog to grab the password for Saturday's event.

If you are not yet a member of the blogger poker tour, you have a blog and are a blogger (yes Judith Virginia, there are peep that own a blog but they are not bloggers) --- feel free to become a member of our communty by following the link here to join the blogger poker tour and here to download Poker.com. Be sure to tell them the beer guy (imjusthere4thebeer) sent ya!

The second season of the Blogger Poker Tour is still young. We are going into event three of seven. Each event is a $500 Freeroll Poker Tournament. Leaderboard points are assigned. The top 20 after seven events gets thrown into a steel cage to battle it out for the ultimate prize (no pun intended), which is a seat in the Aussie Millions representing Poker.com and the Blogger Poker Tour!

Hope to see everyone at both the CheckRayz tournament and the BPT event!