Sunday morning thoughts and notes...

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I stumbled across a statement released by Excapsa, the software company behind Ultimate Bet. They are in fact a publicly traded company (AIM: XCP). In their press release, they "note" that congress passed the SAFE Port Act, with bullshit attachment.

Additionally, they assume us (the investor) that they're "firmly positioned to continue to grow and develop in line..." They boast of 47 million USD in cash available to throw at their strategy. What is bothersome though, is that they're attracting onely 1/3 of their new customers from outside of the United States. The actual press release from Excapsa can be viewed here. No wonder why they were twitching when Pokershare came in and wound things up back when...

Courtesy of the Poker.com Poker Blog, it appears that Mike Sexton is hitting the road to do the Media Blitz. Mike, a high profile voice of poker, has intentions of doing the talk show circuit . "It's time for standing up and speaking out on behalf of our freedom of choice, which has been violated, comments Sexton on his upcoming campaign.

Stopping by the Poker Player's Alliance, they have this neat little tool that allows one to receive a weekly report of emails from their local congressman *speaking of tools*. I highly advise everyone to sign up for this free service. Never again do we want to "allow" our government to operate without immediate accountability. Register for the weekly report from your congressman here.

Wait, there's more... each week you'll ALSO get a list of key votes by your two Senators. Furthermore, you'll receive links to send them email using pre-addressed forms. And finally, *wait for it*, you'll have an opportunity to review the upcoming votes so that you can offer them feedback BEFORE THEY VOTE!

I know this will not change any previous votes, moves, attachments, thieverys, and/or bullshit of the past, but going forward, I urge EVERYONE to hold their reps accountable!

While you're signing up for this service, please join my friends at the Poker Players Alliance today and help people such as Greg "Fossilman" Raymer and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson fight the fight for poker players worldwide.