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So, for those of you who don't know... In addition to running the CheckRayz site, I also run a what is now a bi-weekly local game for a charity here in my hometown. And of course, when I do something, I pretty much must travel first class, else not travel at all. Not to toot my own horn, but...

I KNOW that the game I put on is the best game within a two hour drive. This includes any of the casinos. Everything from the quality of chips, to the tables, to the environment, to the tourney structure, the organization... I know we're the best game in town, bar none.

So anyway... moving along here... Last night, we started the second season of our charity tournaments. Season one, we had a Grand Finale Freeroll. I'm uncertain as to right now what we're going to do outside of the regular tournaments, but we'll surely come up with something.

New to this season is the blinds structure. I haven't been a really big fan of my blinds structures during the first season despite the several times I have tweaked them. This time around, I started everyone with T2500... and blinds progressing from 10-20 up. Additionally, when the final table formed, I back the blinds up to 10% of the average stack. Though, not being a math major, I miscalculated that... Enough about that though... Point is, I was trying to accomplish getting play both early and late in the tournament. Mission accomplished... The tournament ran 5.5 hours, which in reality, was about an hour and a half longer than what I was aiming for... I was shooting for a four hour tournament.

As for playing... I had a great time donkin it up at the tables... Got heads up with Vanessa on what could have been a bustout hand for me. I raised with pocket tens to 4x the blinds. She had just took down a big pot and was in the BB, i believe. She calls. Flop comes Q-Bull$hit-9, if memory serves me correctly. I continue the bet, she calls and has this "look" on her face. We check the turn and a queen comes on the river. I believe the turn was a jack. The point is, I was rather certain she had a monster. She of course bets on the river and I folded, certain she had me beat and badly.

Few hands later, she was flopped flush over flush and ousted from the tourney. Shame too, as she was a lot of fun on the table... (right, V?).

We backed the blinds up on the final table to 10% 1% --- once again, not a math major... Which was really what made the tourney last so damn long... Got a lot of play out of the final table tho...

Despite the error, we're still by far the best game in town, bar none... Next time we'll get it right.

Writer's block today... sorry.