List of US Friendly Poker Rooms

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updated 10.20 10am EDT

This is an analysis of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act courtesy of the Poker Player's Alliance.

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Here is the unofficial list of poker rooms who either still support US Players and/or have announced they will not yet bail on us. It should be noted that this list is not a reccommendation or endorsement to play, as I am neither encouraging or discouraging anyone from playing online. That being said, feel free to click through to download as you see appropriate :

Poker rooms who are still supporting US Players and have come out and said so (as of 2/20/2007):

Poker.com - 100% first time deposit bonus... home of the Blogger Poker Tour

Bugsy's Club - $25K ring game challenge, 100% first time deposit bonus up to $600 Free!

Jungle Poker - 100% up to $500 for first timers, 50% up to $500 for reloaders, and Ladies Night!!!

Planet Poker - 100% up to $750. $1500 new players freeroll!

Ultimate Bet - win a seat in the North American Poker Tour, 100% first time deposit bonus

Absolute Poker - 100% up to $750, constant reloads...

River Belle Poker - Buy $20, get $300! - Services US Customers, except in the following states: Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Indiana, Nevada, South Dakota, New Jersey, New York

PokerStars - Moneymaker Millionaire freeroll, 100% up to $50 0 deposit code FirstSep2006

Bailed on the US Market (as of 2/20)

Doyle's Room - bounty tourneys on team Brunson, 50% up to $250 --- update 2/20 - Doyle's room exiting the US Marketplace. Fulltilt is accepting account transfers dollar for dollar.

Hollywood Poker - gone

Have not spoke publicly, but are still seemingly in the game

The3DPoker - 20% up to $100! Live 3D poker action.

Poker4Ever - Deposit $20, get $40!

Other Poker Rooms still in the US Market

Fulltilt Poker

True Poker


If you're going to support online poker, please support only these rooms, using the above links... Additionally, I urge each and every one of you to do the following:

1. Join the Poker Players Alliance. Support them in the battle against our hostile "uniform wearing" Government to keep poker legal.

2. Elections are coming up. I urge everyone to send a message to our elected officials and vote them out of office if they've supported prohibiting internet gambling in any way, shape, or form. If they voted for the ban (Aye), please appropriately vote them out of office. Here's a list of the poker vote.

Finally, I will keep this page updated as information changes...

Feel free to contact me through either the CheckRayz site or through the Poker Pub Blog via comments as questions, comments, and/or concerns arise.