Endgame Strategy pt. 3

This post is part of a continuing series of Endgame poker tourney discussion, based largely in part on the works and writing of Dan Harrington and meant as a supplement to, not a replacement for his books Harrington on Holdem Volume 1 & 2.

These articles are meant to be read in succession of one another. That being said, click to review the articles on Endgame Strategy pt. I... and on Endgame Strategy pt II.

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Yellow Zone Play

Recalling from last week, we want to spend as much of the tourney as possible in the Green Zone. However, increasing blinds, in addition to volatility often push us back into lower zones. The yellow zone lies directly below the Green Zone. Our M (chip stack/(big blind + small blind) is between ten and twenty. We're definitely not in "danger" here, but we're definitely not in the most comfortable of positions here either, considering we're looking to win this event, not merely "coast" into the low money.

In the yellow zone, we'll begin becoming more aggressive in our starting hands selection, lowering slightly our standards for raises and calls. In this zone, we'll begin to focus more on higher cards (playing KJs, or A10s from the early positions) and we'll be less likely to play our fours or fives early. In fact, we're wanting to only play our fours or fives/other small pocket pairs when the pot is unraised, and there are three-four limpers in the pot, in addition to the big blind. Furthermore, should we not flop our set, we're "off like a prom dress" at the first sign of action. Additionally, limping with smaller-mid suited connectors here no longer is suitable. Both of which are due largely in part to the fact that we must take down a huge pot in order for the sm pp/sm-mid suited connectors to be long term profitable. For these reasons, we're wanting to lower our raising standards and calling standards, with respect to the minimum playing standards we maintain, yet we're also at the same time, wishing to raise the floor of those hands which we will play and the situations we're choosing to play in.

Tommorrow, we'll continue on and discuss orange zone strategy.

CheckRayz Note

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