The Poker Room Death Switch...

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If there’s a death switch it’s been thrown. If there’s such a thing as the Poker Pub cover jinx, it’s in full effect.

Specifically, a -360 BB freefall over a two day span is what I am referring to. This comes after building up nearly 300 BB’s.

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Why is this, do you ask? A bit of it is due to poor plays, bad reads, etc. Some more due to things such as set over set, flushed over sets, drawn straights over full boats, four to a flush, four to a straight, counterfeited boards… There’s many reasons. And they’re all happening Thankfully, Poker.com’s hand history has been disabled, so as to be protected from reliving this pain.

Earlier today, the entire poker room crashed. I suspect that was divine intervention, a clue from the “poker gods” telling me that it was time to take a break… Or perhaps not…

Perhaps it is because I am slow playing hands to death, allowing myself to get outdrawn. After all, I “know” everyone is over betting their hands. Or maybe it’s because my “I have two pair because I played shit cards and I’m way out of position… he he he” is starting to look entirely too familiar to my slightly more aware than I‘d give them credit for opposition.

Or, maybe it’s because I am trying to look like a donkey at times, using purposely “incorrect” strategy to try to keep the opposition guessing.

Who knows, it could even be the issue of going from Level 3 thinking back to level zero… slipping down the ladder without realizing it.

What I do know is that there’s a big old kink in my game right this very moment. When my back is kinked, I often apply pressure to the kinked muscle, until I get a pulse, the muscle relaxes, resets and is good as new. Maybe I need the same thing to occur within my game. Pressure, relax, reset…

Here’s to taking the day off tommorrow --- I will be at the P4E tourney, but otherwise, it's Affiliate tourney tonight at Poker.com, BPT on Saturday (full coverage right here on the Poker Pub, by the way), and Sunday, back to Poker.com for the monthly $50K. Other than that, I'm not resuming ring game play until at least Monday...