Mansion Pulls out of US Marketplace, kinda...

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U.S. Friendly Poker Rooms as of 10/06/2006 11am EDT

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Looks like mansion poker is here to stay, but the sportsbook and casino is on its way out...

Effective 16 October, 2006, MANSION suspended access to our Sportsbook and Casino gaming services for Members located in the United States .

What does this mean to you as an Affiliate?

When you refer a US based Member to MANSION, the Member will have full access to our Poker and Exchange products, but will be restricted from accessing our Casino and Sportsbook. As a result, US based referred Members will no longer trigger Affiliate bounties for Casino and Sportsbook play, and will not earn their Affiliates commissions on these two products. You will still earn applicable acquisition bounties based upon referring US based Members who use our Exchange or Poker.

Non-US based referred Members shall remain unaffected. As such, your earning potential on non-US players remains unchanged.

What about US based members you have already referred?

If you referred a US-based MANSION Casino or Sportsbook player before 16 October, 2006 you remain eligible for any triggered bounties or commissions earned prior to this date. After 16 October, 2006, these Members will be restricted from accessing MANSION Casino and Sportsbook, and will therefore no longer earn their affiliates commissions for activity on these products.

You remain eligible for applicable bounties and commissions on their Poker and Sports Exchange activity.

What should you do today?

If you are currently promoting MANSION Casino and Sportsbook to US traffic, we recommend replacing these promotional materials with MANSION Poker and Exchange banners, links and editorial.

MANSION continues to offer one of the most effective programmes to earn from your US traffic.

MANSION Poker is one of the fastest growing poker rooms and MANSION Exchange offers your referred Members high-value sports betting action on major worldwide sports. The propensity for Members to play poker and wager on sports is very high and with MANSION you have an excellent income opportunity by promoting these incredible products to your US traffic. Promotional materials for these products are available in the creative gallery of the Affiliate programme.

Thank you for your continued participation in the MANSION Affiliate Programme. Check the www.mansion.com/promoter frequently for additional promotional materials to help you earn more with MANSION.

If you have any questions regarding your MANSION Affiliate account please email http://us.f514.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=affiliates@mansion.com or consult the ‘Contact Us’ page on http://www.mansion.com/.

Chris Taylor