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Here is the unofficial blogroll for the Season 2 Blogger Poker Tour. Those of you wishing to add it to your blog can do so by clicking the link, highlighting the text links, and inserting them into your blog template.

A few notes on the Season 2 BPT Blogroll.

A. I did discriminate. I admit I did not get as thorough in scrubbing the blogroll as I did last season. I did have a few basic requirements for this unofficial blogroll.

1. For starters, could I find the BPT Banner?

2. Was there a posting pattern of some sort, other than "oh, there's a free tourney, let me post right quicklike?"

3. Have you posted since Season 2 started?

4. If you have ripped off (or have tried to rip off) anyone I know, or are believed to have ripped off anyone I know, be it directly or indirectly, you'll never be linked to this blog, no matter how hard you try. You can enter as many BPT events as you want, but you and your handout taking, bounced check writing, fraud transaction making pathetic piece of trash existance self will never be viewed by me as a member of this community, nuff said.

B. I may have accidentally missed and/or overlooked someone on the blogroll. If that is the case, and you're not the lone waste of oxygen I refer to in number four, contact me either via the comments section or right here.

C. The link list is not necessarily in any particular order. However, I may have scanned through and moved peeps up as I saw them, but I was not looking too terribly hard. If the spot you're listed offends you in any way, contact me through "item B."

D. The blogroll is not official by any means. Feel free to use mine, make your own... or not.

Finally, this... the BPT, blogrolling, etc. is something I ENJOY doing. I do not do any of this because I have to. I do it because I choose to. I enjoy being a member of the BPT Community. When I am a member of any community, I take my membership kinda seriously. Not seriously in that "guys, this isn't a game" type of seriously... Serious in that I like to bring value to the table, to be a productive member of the community, if you will.

Throughout the season, you'll surely see me stop by your blog if you check your stats. I might even leave a comment or two. I encourage everyone to not only blog about their experiences within the BPT, but to also take the time to read other community member's works. You just might find something of value.