Endgame Poker Tourney Play, part 1...

As I've mentioned before I do a lot of reading and studying in my spare time, attempting to evolve and improve my poker game. Most recently, I've been going through "Harrington on Holdem Vol. 2" - (twoplustwo publishing) with a fine tooth comb. I'm definitely not breezing through this book, although it is a relatively easy read. I'm going through in attempts to committing each area of the book to mastery level memory, wanting to know not only what he's saying, but why... Throughout the next few posts, I'm going to discuss his endgame strategy from the eyes of the drunken one.


Dan Harrington lists his "theory of inflection points" as the single most important aspect of a playa's poker game. During the football season, I had offered commentary regarding Schottenheimer as a coach, and getting too conservative at the wrong times with his play calling. Harrington and I are obviously on the same page, as he discusses how when playing football, providing there is lots of time left in the game, and the score is close, the teams have the entire playbook to work with. However, when a team is down by a few TD's and the clock is winding down, the offensive coordinator really only has a few options available to him. Running up the middle is not a viable option, as it allows the clock to run. Additionally, passing short down the middle is not a legit option either, considering the receiver has to again get out of bounds, which is no easy task. Most of the two minute offenses tend to pick the sidelines at 10-15 yards, in between throwing the bomb. And really, these plays are pretty much the only plays that make sense in the context of the game. They need to move the ball, and they need to move it both quickly and efficiently --- lower percentage, higher reward plays.

The team that are up by two TDs late in the game, however, wants to run the clock down. Consequently, they run up the gut. When necessary, they can throw in the middle, lay out a screen play, or pretty much anything they choose. Their goal is to run out the clock in the most efficient manner possible. And hell, they're in the lead, thus they can afford to play conservatively. They don't need the bomb to work for them. They must sit on the lead and select their plays carefully and efficiently, the ones designed to both move the ball and burn the clock --- high percentage plays.

When late in a tourney, is this not the similar problem you have? When you're short stacking, the blinds and antes eating away, don't ya need to pick the sidelines and convert the long bombs? When way ahead, do you really need to get mixed up in running a low percentage high reward play?

Tommorrow, we'll discuss the logical play-book for different scenerios. Ponder the above, and reflect on how it relates to your late game play.

Upcoming CheckRayz Tourneys

This is an exciting time for me, as we have lots of action packed, money added buyins and freeroll poker tourneys coming up at CheckRayz. Finally... "the 'deathstar' is fully operational."

Our tourney filled week begins with a $5+.50, $100 added event at River Belle on Weds March 1 - 9pm EST. Launch “imhere4beer” and receive a $20 launch bonus straight to your River Belle account. River Belle are currently offering a 50% match up to $100 as a first time deposit bonus. Additionally, fund the deposit with Neteller or firepay and receive $25 extra! (note - the money added will be transferred to player accounts after the event).

Next stop on the CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour is TouchStone Poker - Thursday 2 March 9pm. This poker room is brand new and has agreed to host a $100 Freeroll. Once again, there will be a bounty on your hero’s head, a first edition CheckRayz Tee-Shirt. However, to try to stay a step ahead of the pack, his sn is “CheckRayz.” Don’t let this fool ya, knock the donk from the tourney. Instructions or help on registering for the event can be found in the FAQ section of the Freeroll Poker Blog.

March 3rd at 9pm EST we head to Hollywood. The peeps at Hollywood Poker are sponsoring a $200 added $5+.50 event. The tourney is listed in the “private” “scheduled” tourneys tab under the name of “imhere4beer.” Speaking of which, launch bonus of $10 for knocking the drunk one from the tourney. All first time depositors via the CheckRayz link below who participate in this tourney will also receive $10 free (no catch - this is better than a freeroll).

Finally, to end our launch week, we’ll be holding a $100 freeroll at Kiwi Poker. Launch bonus of $20 (not bad for a freeroll launch bonus), once again for “imhere4beer.” This event is scheduled for Saturday 4 March at 1pm, one day before…….

The CheckRayz “donk fest” at Kiwi Poker --- Sunday March 5th at 3pm. $50 added to the prize pool and an entry of $1+.10 fully equipped with rebuy and add-on for the first hour.

There will be a launch bonus on “imhere4beer” again, though it applies only to the fatal blow that knocks him from the tourney (if the donk rebuys, you’re not collecting, and he will rebuy when he can, cuz that is the drunken donk he is).

Finally, keep checking with the CheckRayz tourney schedule for more upcoming events, including the Heads up Challenge and a Freeroll at Celeb Poker.