Need a Poker Room now that the SAFE Port act passed?

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U.S. Friendly Poker Rooms as of 02/20/2007 11am EDT

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List updated as of 2/20/2007

If you're like many of my fellow Americans after Black Friday, you're probably in need of a Poker Room. Here's the list of Poker Rooms who are still servicing the US Marketplace - commentary inserted where appropriate. Feel free to download one or all of them as you see fit. The poker rooms still open to Americans are as follows:

2/20 Update: Doyle no longer servicing US Market. Closing doors to any US Play as of 3/1... Transfers to fulltilt poker will be accepted from Doyles to FT.

Doyle's Room - 50% up to $250 -

"Hi this is Doyle Brunson,

I know many of you will be concerned and dismayed about the bill signed into law by the President today.I want to confirm to all existing and potential poker players that it’s business as usual here at Doyle’s Room and we continue to accept players from all over the world including the United States of America.

We at Doyle’s Room have taken extensive legal advice and believe that it is far too early to fully understand the implications of this bill on our industry. Based on the legal advice we have received, the new bill does not make internet poker expressly illegal nor does it take aim at players who enjoy online poker. However, there are some U.S. States that have existing regulations in place that may prohibit online gaming, so we encourage all of our U.S. players to review the laws of the State in which they reside.

Until such time as the law becomes clearer, Doyle’s Room will operate as normal with our full exciting range of games and tournaments at all limits. And finally, please rest assured your money is completely secure at Doyle’s Room.

I personally guarantee it.. "

Updated 2/20 --- Poker.com are still in the game

Poker.com - 100% new player bonus -

"The passing of this act through congress will have no immediate affect on operations at Poker.com. We are not currently planning to close the accounts of US Players, and all funds within player accounts are perfectly safe and will always be readily accessible. It is worth noting that the act is primarily related to finacial transactions between gaming businesses and banks and no penalties have been introduced to discourage individual citizens who wish to play poker online. We will continually monitor the legiislative changes and obtain detailed legal advice on the situation, but for now it is business as usual."

updated 2/20: pokerstars are still with us...

Pokerstars - 100% up to $50 -

"Poker Stars has received extensive expert advice from within and outside the U.S. which concluded that these provisions do not alter the U.S. legal situation with respect to our offering of online poker games.

Therefore, our business continues as before - open to players worldwide including the US. You may play on our site as you did prior to the Act."

Updated 2/20: Bugsy is still in the house...

Busgy's Club - 100% up to $600 -

"Regarding the recent bill passed regulating payments to online gaming sites-

Most important is that this bill does NOT make it illegal for individuals to play poker online.

The bill targets payment processors and US banks and is basically trying to make it difficult for online poker sites to allow their customers to fund their accounts (nothing new here really).

The bill does not take effect immediately. After the president signs the bill into law (if) (within the next 7-10 days), a government board will have 270 days to come up with new regulations for the banks and payment processors to follow. And even after the regulations are published they will likely not go into effect immediately, since the banks and payment processors will need time to add systems to comply with the new regulations. Smaller banks have already stated they would not even have the necessary resources in place to monitor such transactions.

We want you to know that we will continue doing business with our US customers. We are a legal and licensed business in the Netherlands Antilles and none of our operations are carried out on US soil. We have no intention of closing USA player accounts or restricting their ability to play on BugsysClub.

The World Trade Organization ruling brought by Antigua and Barbuda has repeatedly instructed the United States to stop trying to block US residents from playing at such operations while the US simultaneously favors certain US operations (such as horse betting, lottery etc).

I will personally update you with any updates to this situation if or when they occur.

Luck Bugsy

planet still here a/o 2/20

Planet Poker - 100% up to $750 first time deposit bonus -

"Planet Poker is located and operated in Curacao which is part of the Netherlands Antilles. Planet Poker does not have ownership or operations in the USA. Planet Poker has a fully authorized gaming operation license issued by the Curacao government. All aspects of operations and business conduct are endorsed and sanctioned by the Curacao government. Any bets placed by you are received and processed by Planet Poker in Curacao where accepting your bet is fully legal under Planet Poker's license. Customer records are held confidentially by Planet Poker, not the Curacao government.

On 30 September 2006, as part of approving the Safe Port Act, the U.S. Congress passed an act relating to internet gambling. Analysts report that when this act is signed by the President, changes will be enforced on the banking community to restrict financial transactions with internet gaming companies. It is unclear at this point how this new law may affect the banking organizations but financial processors are reporting that they anticipate having 270 days to seek clarification on the interpretation of the law.

The good news is that the legal community is reporting that the law does not target individuals and does not make it illegal for individuals to participate in online gaming. Additionally, with poker being identified as a game of skill, many legal experts feel that there is a reasonable chance that poker may eventually be excluded from the new law.

As always, your funds are secure and guaranteed with Planet Poker and until the banking community starts to understand the impact of the new law over the next several months it is business as usual. Planet Poker will ensure that its customers continue to receive the high quality of financial service that they have enjoyed for the past 7 years.

You can rest assured that Planet Poker will be taking steps to make sure you have access to the site and be able to make deposits and withdrawals on a regular basis.

Good luck at the tables"

river belle and microgaming still serving US Marketplace minus 11 states a/o 2/20.

River Belle / Gaming Club / Belle Rock Entertainment - Deposit $20 get $300! -

"It is with regret that we have to inform you that in light of recent legislative changes in the United States; Belle Rock Entertainment has notified us that from tomorrow, Friday, October 13th, at 11:30 am EST no further transactions from either new or existing players residing in the States listed below, will be accepted.As a result you will no longer be able to generate revenue from Belle Rock Entertainment's casinos or poker rooms in these States:

South Dakota
New Jersey
New York

We would like to remind you that there are exciting opportunities in other markets and we look forward to exploring these with you. If you have any queries or would like to find out more, please contact me.

2/20: here!

Ultimate Bet - 100% first time deposit bonus -

"UltimateBet continues to be available for play by all members of the online community worldwide, including US players. The new US legislation expected to be signed on Friday, October 13 does not prohibit the online community playing online poker. At UltimateBet, it's business as usual. All players' deposits are held safely in a segregated account at a Tier 1 legal institution."

suck, but still here (2/20)

Absolute Poker - 100% up to $750 -

"We're here to stay. All players welcome"

present as of 2/20

Full Tilt Poker - "The act will not affect our day-to-day business and players and their money are 100% safe on the site"

Other fringe rooms such as True Poker, Jungle Poker, The3DPoker have come out and said and/or implied they're still accepting US clients. Additionally, poker rooms such as poker4ever have not made an announcement either way, yet continue to accept bets and deposits.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that some poker rooms have not announced anything in advance, they just closed their doors. If the poker room is reputable, you should receive your money back from the poker room. The situation for US Poker Players and their relationship with poker rooms has become "complicated."

Stay tuned to the Poker Pub, as I'm committed to reporting "what is" in the world of Online Poker.


The information contained on this page is believed to be accurate at the time of print. Every effort will be made by me to ensure this page stays accurate, however, such accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Please check with the actual poker rooms and/or your governing body before taking action in whole or in part on anything written on this page.