corrections and comments on the BPT event 2 coverage...

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Here are the initial comments and corrections from this weekend's Blogger Poker Tour Coverage. If you've not yet joined the BPT, please do. Great times, great prizes!

Joey writes:

Hey Mike,

Incredible recap of all these BPT events. I'll be damned if you don't win the Blog thing for Australia.Correction though, the A-10 hand I had vs. Porkrind, I raised 3x to 4500 and then (tilting as he was pushed all in for 2000 and change so I had to call. Then I said that with that move, that should have been a CDU (curtousy double up)Way more than I can blog and you drink alot of alcohol!!



I reply:

Correction noted. Thanks for the words, my friend. One hell of a game you played, as I said.Talk to ya soon!

Paul writes:

On behald of my buddy iyatoni (who's a dude :D) I'd like to a. mention that it was middle pair and a flush draw on the hand dad doubled up with in the heads up and b. say thanks for this excellent coverage :D


beerguy response:

see, yet another reason why chat should be enabled... i only had the spelling of toni and a female pic to go by... had there been chat on the tables from the rail, I'd surely have got that straight real quick.Thanks for the corrections as well.