Poker.com and the BPT...

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I had a few things to say this morning... one concerning Poker.com and the other the Blogger Poker Tour, which is put on by poker.com.... and then a quick CheckRayz note.

For starters, I'd like to give a shout out to Shane. He's the commissioner of the Blogger Poker Tour. He works (surely very hard) behind the scenes at the BPT, selecting the hosts every week, corresponding with the players on the tour, maintaining their blog, ensuring everyone gets coupons... you know, just making sure everything from top to bottom is in order.

He made a post in the BPT Blog titled "It's the BLOGGER Poker Tour".

Now when I read the title, I must confess that I had to initially laugh because the title seemed like he was going to say something along the lines of "this tour is for bloggers who maintain a blog." Sure enough, he pretty much said that.

I applaud your efforts in keeping the tour as real as possible! --- Thanks Shane!

Second, Poker.com announced via their blog that they are adding new things to their software, specifically new games! Coming soon, you'll be able to play O8, stud, razz, 5 card draw, pineapple, and Manila.

Additionally, something that has me excited, is that they're also planning to store hand histories on the hard drive very soon... (pokertracker?)

Anyone wanting to take the poker.com software out for a test drive can do so by downloading poker.com here.

Maybe we'll get a poker story or two as I "make them" today...

Quick CheckRayz note...

Also, quick reminder, Bugsy's Club, 10pm EDT - password CRBUGZ3 . 12 peeps already entered. $5+.50 $200 added to the prize pool. Hope to see you there!