Colorful CheckRayz Commentary

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It's going to be difficult to live up to the title of this blog entry, but I will give it my best shot. You'll surely see really soon what I mean by "colorful." Despite having database issues last night, our CheckRayz debut at Bugsy's Club was a success in my eyes. We were within a click of where I thought we'd be in event number one *from an attendance standpoint, and we did this in the midst of database issues. Usually, we get a rush of last minute registrations, who go to the site to find a pw, but this time, they'd have to come here to retreive it, if they missed the mailout. Long story short, we'd have had over 200 players had that not occured.

I ask for everyone's help in spreading the word about CheckRayz. In fact, I think I'm going to try to hold a special "refer a friend" tournament sometime next month. Details to follow.

While we're on the topic of Bugsy's Club, I have to give a shout out to my friend (and hero) Randy. While his football team may not win a game this season, Randy can rest comfortable in knowing he's 1-0 at CheckRayz Bugsy's Club tourneys. In fact, Randy is going to make history here... He's going to be the first player to get his plaque on the wall of the Poker Pub...

Wait for it... I think it would look good right about...


There we go... Either that looks good or we'll have to find another way to make this post colorful (Read: I'm experimenting with this whole photo in the blog thing for future use.)

Speaking of future use... how about Judith getting the second ever plaque on the Poker Pub... She did take a second place on this one, however... she posed a philosophical dillemma for your's truly...

First the plaque, then the deep thought-like question:

So, hypothetically speaking... If this tourney took place on Friday evening (Friday October 13 at 9pm EDT), and my account was locked at 32 Red Poker when I woke up Friday morning... (Friday October 13 at 9am EDT). And additionally, 32 Red took the posture that playing poker online might in fact be illegal in my country, thus they're pulling out of the US Marketplace, which of course resulted in my account being locked... Did I break the law because my screenname played?

After all, in theory, my screenname is meant to represent me, especially at the microgaming sites. Unless you're ZeeJustin ZeeJustin's Grandmother playing at PokerStars, you "should" theoretically be playing against the person who's account appears at the table, right? Thus, my screenname is in a running tournament. Judith played in said tournament... I was on autofold, but screenname present - (I was dealt cards, thus in the game). I won money from said game. I participated, right?


9am - account discovered locked at 32 Red,

9pm - CheckRayz tourney begins at 32 Red. I'm listed as participant, despite said locked account.

10/14 1am - Judith sends me photo of my win at 32 Red Poker after access to such locked account was denied.

Screenames at Prima Poker are reserved to protect the identity of those who play the prima sites, allowing for 1 identity per person.

The screenname imhere4beer is me.

This implies I did in fact participate and win money in said event.

That is all (for now). As stated, purpose for this post was to play with pics... I still have some more work to do to get the quality up to where I want it.