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"They say" that it's neither polite, nor wise to tell secrets... or to brag about a good thing when you've got something sweet going on! I once had a friend of mine who used to swear up and down that every girlfriend he ever had (at that present time) was HORRIBLE in the sack. When he got older, and married, he admitted that the reason he would say stuff like that is so none of his friends would be enticed to make a move on his woman. He figured if everyone thought what he had was not the bomb, no one would want what he had - why brag, why call attention to it, why risk ruining a good thing, right?

Well, apparantly I am not that wise and not nearly that disciplined. I have to tell all you Pubbers, I've got a great thing goin on at Poker.com. And by great, I mean really f'ing great! Let me just run down the features and benefits real quick-like.

Soft Ring Games

First of all, soft games... speaks for itself. Second, speaking of ring games, there's a wide variety of ring games available to pad the bankroll. You can find regular games most of the day from .05/.10 NL to $5/10 NL. The fixed limit side still needs some work, as I've only really seen games up to $1/2 limit.

Lots of Sit n Gos

Additionally, Poker.com has a wide variety of sit n go poker tournaments for your choosing, be it satellites, shorthanded or full tables, they have what you're looking for if you're an SnG enthusiest.

Did I mention the soft play?


Why do I feel like I just captured everyone's attention? Oh, I see... the word free up there in freeroll, gotcha. So here's the bottom line with this... They have a sh!tload of freerolls. Here's the rundown...

Every three hours, a new player freeroll. I'm not a new playa there, so people like me... can't get in. These new player freerolls are a great way for the new donkeys players to pad their bankrolls, which then sends them to the ring games (see commentary on soft ring games).

They pretty much have a regular "all play" freeroll every two hours as well. This too helps to constantly restock the pond regularly pad the bankroll of their new players.

I'm not done talking free stuff yet... Monday through Friday, poker.com have a $1000 daily Freeroll. Earn yourself 1000 comp points in the previous 3 days and play the roll...

Every Saturday, there's a $2K Freeroll. Once again, 1000 comp points over previous 72 hours gets you a ticket.

Sundays are even better... Sundays, well, with the exception of the last sunday of the month, but we'll get to that in a second... 2500 comp points in the previous 168 hours gets you into the weekly Sunday $10K Freeroll! Talk about padding bankrolls...

The last Sunday of the month, for 5000 comp points, you play for $50K --- in a freeroll. Let me say that again... 5000 comp points = $50K freeroll coupon. This happens every last Sunday of every month at Poker.com. This tourney is enough reason alone to bring me to their tables... As I write this, there are 627 players registered for that tourney... Everyone's starting equity, right this moment is nearly $80!

Best kept secret on the net for the tourney enthusiest

Finally, one of the biggest overlays in the land, is the Sunday $15K Guaranteed. Overlays galore! Buy in directly for $60 or win your way in via satellites. This Sunday tourney is by far the most value added regular tourney out there!

Multi-tabling Friendly

Poker.com use their own proprietary software. From personal experience, I can tell you that they are in tune with our needs as poker players. Hell, if I didn't know any better, I'd say between the ability to show one card, rabbit hunt, and to muck or show at showdown, they already have the best bells and whistles of any poker room around... But I can't stop there.

My favorite feature is the ability and ease to multi-table. One may either cascade the multiple poker tables, or place them in Grid Mode, so that up to four rooms can show at once. That way, you never lose site of the action, you don't have any overlap at all, and you're 1 click away from busting a donk. If you don't believe me, take a look below. I have two tables up, and the best hand in poker at both of them all at once... And yes, I dropped the hammer in both spots...

Plus EV Twice

Don't forget...

Don't forget, Poker.com is also home to the Blogger Poker Tour, where 2 BPT participants will in fact be heading to Melbourne, Australia the Crown Casino's Poker Room for the Aussie Millions.

And by the way, Poker.com takes players from everywhere... No discrimination. All are welcome!

Download Poker.com here.

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