Letter from Sun Poker

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Received ten minutes ago from Sun Poker. Also, I received a phone message from my River Belle Poker rep. He assures me that River Belle are not dropping US Players. More to come on that tommorrow!


I'm not sure if you're aware of the recent developments in US online gaming industry. In short, the US government has passed a law that would prohibit banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions from processing gambling funds.

This controversial act was attached to a popular and completely unrelated bill regarding Port Security (HR4954) early Saturday morning. In this way, the act was passed because representatives were more concerned with the major bill being made law and knew only in the final minutes of the attachment.It does NOT make it illegal for US citizens to play online, however drastically affects your ability to enjoy your favorite poker and casino games by making it difficult to send and receive your deposits and winnings.In light of these events, our software and ECash provider for SunPoker.com, CryptoLogic and ECashDirect, have made thedecision to no longer service US registered accounts.Consequently, all accounts with US based addresses will no longer be able to play in the casino or poker room as of 12PM EST today October 3rd.

Your account will however be available for you to log into and request a withdrawal of your available balance.All other accounts with non US based addresses will remainunaffected.

Currently it is unclear as to the longer term ramifications of these events at CryptoLogic and should the position change, we will notify you. In the meantime, we are hoping to make provisions so that you are able to continue to enjoy playing and enjoy the same levelsof service and bonuses you've come to expect from us. We will keep you updated.Thanks for your time, and we do sincerely apologize for anyinconvenience this may cause you.


Poker Room Manager

PS: We continue to maintain that it is your individual right to be allowed to play online responsibly in another form you see fit. We therefore invite you to contact your Congressman (or woman) to express your dismay as to not only the bill itself, but as to the underhanded way in which it was passed..