BPT Omaha this weekend

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Blogger? Join the Blogger Poker Tour today! From the Blogosphere to the Aussie Millions... BPT - only at Poker.com! This week's event Irongirl's Omaha A Go-Go.

So for starters, it's about time the rest of the known world (read: east coasters in the US) get back onto "Poker.com time." While we set our clocks forward and backwards, theirs remains the same. Saturday, we rejoined the Poker.com Standard Timezone.

To celebrate the timezone shift, Irongirl is throwing us (the BPT) a little Omaha Party. Be sure to stop by Irongirl's blog to grab the password for the Irongirl's Omaha Go-Go. This tourney plays out on November 4th at 3pm Poker.com Standard Time.

Speaking of Irongirl, anyone see where she is sitting on the BPT leaderboard? Tenth place, for those of us keeping score. Definitely a worthy and formitable hostess.

The top 20 on the leaderboard looks as follows:

ViezeMan 460
DawgRoyal 381
kufolem - winner week 3 - 368
natsdad - Alex - winner week 2 - 355
counting my outs - 324
elc3105 - 318
Hacksaw - 5th St Forum - 289
DavidMalek - 272
irongirl - 268
Cawtbluffin - Haley - 258
Damriver - Joey - 252
ReplicantPoker - Week 1 winner - 249
BobbyOlsen - 238
Perfectly Beastly - 223
Quackpot - 223
Dabruns - 205
Na Poltrona - 196
Skinski - the legit version - Earl - 167
astinaguy - 166
Pokerchaos - 163

Speaking of the BPT Leaderboard... really easy to follow now. Nice and linked and everything... Sweet deal we have goin on there!

Furthermore, thanks to said leaderboard, I was able to determine who the winner was, so as always, I'll be contacting him to invite him in for a Pubside Chat.

Finally, on a poker.com, but not BPT related note... Hats off to Judith for her finish in the monthly 50K at poker.com... $250 bux! Great job!