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I don't really have any one thought in mind this morning for what I want to talk about. Also, I'm not sure I feel up to making 50 million posts... so I guess I'll just ramble on and on topic hopping... This can get me back into the habbit of using the bold subtitles too...

That being said, match day 2 of the CheckRayz League at Bugsy's Club is tonight. Match Day 1 featured 26 CheckRayz'n poker players. Will there be more tonight? Be there at Bugsy's Club 9pm... The password for Bugsy's Club is on the tourney schedule page of the CheckRayz site.

Moving on...

Thoughts on Freerolling

I am considering either cutting back on freerolls again, or putting some sort of temporary "restrictions" on them at select poker rooms. For the second event in a row at Poker4ever, three or more of the top ten players are not members of CheckRayz --- or at least not tracable members.

Poker4ever is one of those poker rooms where passwords seem to be passed out more freely than... well, passed out freely. I need to come up with a method to prevent this from happening going forward. Ideally, we need more members to grow. To do so, we must spread the word, but at the same time it is not ok to freely distribute the passwords to the tournaments.

The reason I require log-in on the CheckRayz site to access the passwords is to keep the tournaments closed to our CheckRayz Poker Community. Giving passwords out takes away from the sense of community. So, stay tuned for further measures to maintain our community.


Blogger Poker Tour

The Blogger Poker Tour Event six is this weekend. So far, we have 97 blogging poker players registered. I suspect Skinski's record from event five shall be surpassed.

As always, there will be complete live coverage of of the Blogger Poker Tour event six right here on the Poker Pub Poker Blog.


Omaha Hi/Low

While on the topic of the Blogger Poker Tour... Your's truly will be the host for the final event of season two... We'll be holding Last Call for the BPT right here at the poker pub for some drunken, no standard Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better.

Look for me to track down some strategy tips, rules, commentary, and ideas on PLO8 in the days to come.


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