Didn't you say...? What the...?

Yes, I said live casino report... twice, as a matter of fact... "So, where's the reports, right? I know, you must be a losing player... otherwise, you'd freely report on the games."

Actually, I did go 0 for 2 this past week. However, sad to disappoint, I did not have losing sessions. I had no sessions at all, as a matter of fact. (More after the break).

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This past week - one "bad beat" after another... but wait a minute, I do not believe in bad beats, only bad plays... Fair enough - two "misplayed hands" this week cost me live play.

First, the charity game and soccer night were one in the same. That left Tuesday open for me to do whatever I choose. I naturally chose to make a casino run. For a few weeks now, I've seen this bus leave from a shopping center up the road a bit. So, on Tuesday, I set the alarm, grabbed the bankroll and pushed north to hit the bus.

I board the bus and find out that we're heading to a smaller casino than the one I normally frequent when I play live. No worries though, as they do in fact have a poker room. I get there, only to find out that the card room is empty/closed. Additionally, when I start asking around, it seems that no one working during the day can tell me anything about their card room. It seems that I sit for five hours watching everyone play bingo and that ends my poorly played hand. No worries though, Saturday I am planning to go up too!

Saturday rolls around and the actor and I pack up for a 14 hour session. Our plan was to get there by noon and stay until 4am or we had no opposition, whichever came first. I considered shutting my phone off as soon as I got in the car, as I did not wish for anything to distract or de-rail my mission.

We talk strategy on the way up, passing the time in a productive manner. Five minutes prior to arrival at the casino, I hear this ever so eerie noise. For those who don't know, when my telephone rings, I have the theme song from the movie Halloween, so when I say eerie noise, I mean it.

I look down and mention to the actor that he's calling me. Of course, his house would not be calling unless it was an emergency. Sparing details, there was an "incident" and we had to turn around and head for home. Again, no live play.

I did manage to play at "the host's" house Sunday for a special edition of the "monthly game." We played .05/.10 NL for about 5 hours. We played at a full table, I was in the hole until the last hand, which I dug myself out of. I was at about a 55-60% saw flop rate. Of course, this table did not have the ideal players to implement that strategy, but no matter... I just wanted to have fun, throw some chips around and play... And play I did. I donked around and sucked out on the last hand to recoup nearly all my losses.

Charity game is tonight on the home front. CheckRayz League at Bugsy's Club on the virtual felt. I'm still looking into the answer about how leaderboard points are awarded, so as soon as I have that info, I shall pass it along to all of you.

Have a great day...


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