This again is more of a personal post, so if that's not your bag, tune out now.

Yesterday, I spoke of not waiting until New Years to make resolutions. It's ironic... Ironic because usually, a short while after midnight, after drinking champaigne, swapping spit, saying good riddance to the old, and ushering in the new year; I typically excuse myself for about a half hour or so. It's during this time that I go through my telephone and send out individual happy new years wishes via text message. Sure, it is not terribly personal, but it is my way of reaching out to those I care about that I've not taken the time to keep in touch with over the course of the past year.

This has become somewhat of a tradition of mine. Sometimes, people call me right back. Other times, I get a return text message, and other times, I hear from the people a day or so later.

One girl in particular is typically on that list... a dear friend of mine named Tierney. She played on my co-ed soccer team, as I first met her through my best drinking buddy Sandy. Tierney and I immediately hit it off. God help us, but our minds worked very similar. She was brilliant, such a beautiful mind she had. We spent many a day and evening talking stuff that people did not normally talk about... Deeper, more philosophical and/or conceptual conversations were the norm with us. People often had a difficult time keeping up, as one either was on that wave length or they were not...

Anyway, fast forwarding a bit... she moved away a few years ago to "chase her dream." I admired that in her; when she knew what she wanted, she acted. It was then that we began conversing, for the most part twice a year... on July 4th and New Years Eve. I missed the 4th this year...

Yesterday evening, Sandy calls me... asks me if I've heard. Of course, I didn't as my head has been lodged up my ass as of late from a social standpoint. I'm assuming she's going to give me some great news - proposal, with child... something of that sort.

Turns out Tierney was in an auto accident on Wednesday night. Both she and her boyfriend died as a result of injury from said accident. Sadly enough, I'll be spending new years eve with her, but at the funeral home... not via our traditional phone conversation. T - I'm sorry I waited, you're always on my mind and a topic of conversation in the group... I can only hope you knew how beautiful and special you were and are.

Love ya angel...

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