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So, I am guessing by now that you've all heard the news. And by news, a bounty has been placed upon my head for the Poker Pub Last Call Omaha Hi/Lo event for the Blogger Poker Tour, which will be held on December 16 at 3pm EST on the virtual felt of Poker.com.

That's right folks, I'm putting it all on the line. The final event of Blogger Poker Tour Season 2, expected to be by far, the richest event to date in terms of leaderboard points, and host bonus... And I'm giving my host bonus away. Keep reading to find out how...

For starters, obviously... in order to collect this launch bonus, you have to first be one of the hi/low'ers to oust me from the tournament. Be careful though, as omaha hi/lo is a game of draws and things do not always end up how they start.

Launching me, though, is the hardest task, but it's not the only task. I've asked for two very specific stipulations to be put in place in order for the launch bonus to be collected. They are as follows:

1. BPT Banner is working and prominently displayed on the ousting blogger's blog. - what I mean by this... is give the banner some exposure... how about when I come to your page, I don't have to scroll down to see it. Or at the very least, if I have to scroll, I can still be reading your most recent blog post and "come across" it. And as for "working"... I mean, if I click it, it will take me to the BPT page.

2. Blogger must have posted "about the blogger poker tour" within the past seven days and again the day of the tournament. - What do I mean by this? I mean, post on your blog... talk about, promote the tour. Give us some omaha strategy. Talk about your experiences, make predictions, talk smack! Blog about the Blogger Poker Tour! Do this the week going into the event AND the day of.

If you've not done so, then I guess you'll not get part of the launch prize.

Additional suggestion... speaking of promotion and exposure... Invite your friends! Not only does that help the tour grow, but it also increases launch bonus because it's a bigger field. Additionally, it helps make your finish in the event more meaningful, because there's more points for you for finishing or final tabling...

And most importantly, it helps to bring more quality people such as yourself to the event. So, spread the word, embrace the tour and launch the Beer Guy at Last Call!


--- 1 final note, the password will be available on Dec 12, which is the day the poker.com servers upgrade and add the omaha hi/lo game.

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