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For starters my thoughts: The Blogger Poker Tour event six was great. I think the biggest story of the tournament is that JayNYC made yet another top twenty five finish. For the record, he did not start until event three, placed 24th in that event. Followed it up with an 18th place finish, then a third... and now this week 7th. If he's not the hottest player on the tour right now, and odds on favorite to be playing in Aussie, I'm not really sure who is.

Second, it's disappointing that one or two people attempt to hijack the tour and whine about things, as stated in my post yesterday on the Blogger POKER Tour. Especially from someone who puts themselves out there not just as a blogger, but also as a journalist... to link a forum thread to the thought that "other bloggers are not happy either" (about event seven being pot limit omaha hi/low), when in reality, there was one negative comment on that thread --- (but even that comment wasn't all that negative). Furthermore, that thread was in support of event six and just got a bit off track! My advice, go back to the school of journalism, learn to seperate fact from opinion, learn how to express the difference between fact and opinion, and finally... if you don't like it, simply don't play. Quit whining, nuff said...

Now onto "what 'they' had to say" about event five of the blogger poker tour:

Two from Skinski at the House of Poker Blues:

"Evil has been on a huge roll at the tourneys lately and yesterdays BPT was no exception...
"And to think that the next game is hi-lo omaha ....This is evil's game of choice folk , so BEWARE !

AstinaGuy - "after a beautiful saturday paintballing and drinkin with some mates i was ready for another blogger event!"

Hacksaw over at the 5th st forum blog - "...(*^)(^_(&_)(*_)&(&)(^&$##*%*(^(&&^..." --- beerguy note: I assume someone sucked out...

Beerguy note number two --- does only a few of the top players blog in nearly real time? continuing on...

Joey over at Eat, Sleep, Poker - "...I've gone to the breaking point now that if poker.com didn't have such great online support or offer so all these great promotions, I'd dump them"

Bolcs - "I wanted to make it to top 5, so I get more points, but it's okay too. Now a little light came up at the end of the tunnel..."

Paul being "made famous." --- way to hit your goal! haha...

Quote of the day so far... Lightning36"What a game. Even if you play perfect poker, you can still get beat if the poker gods are cheering for the other player. I guess that is why we love this game so much ..."

Well, not even two minutes later, my daughter calls and totally hijacks the quote of the day on something not poker related... in case you didn't know, I have twins that are six yrs old. This morning, my parents took them bowling. My daughter calls me to tell me all about it. She's quite a talker, so she is chattering away and then she asks:

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

I tell her that I'm talking to her...

Then she asks, "Well, Daddy... are you sitting down or standing up?"

Why is that the quote of the day, you ask? At six years old, that question is cute... Any older, and she has some news to drop on ya, and it ain't good... You're pretty much needing to be sitting down for it.

And finally... Wise and Foolish"I’ve resigned myself to instant death in the Blogger Poker Tour
. . . it’s inevitable."

Hope everyone enjoys the reading...


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