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For starters, just to let my CheckRayz'rs know, I've not forgotten ya, I promise. In fact, tomorrow right here on the Poker Pub Poker Blog, we will have a special edition of the Friday Mailbag - back by popular demand.

The biggest question in the minds of most of the CheckRayz'rs is... "Mike, where the hell have you been?" That question, I won't make you wait to tune into... I'll answer it right now, after the break...

Right now, the Beer Guy has many an iron in the fire. In fact, it's safe to assume there are too many irons in the fire. In no particular order, here are some of the many things I have going on:

1. Maintaining CheckRayz, which includes setting up tourneys, finding money, answering email and marketing... among other things. Yes, last three tourneys will be put into the leaderboard DB tonight.

2. Writing for the Poker Pub, which includes uncovering a story or figuring out wtf to write about.

3. Playing Online... see below.

4. Supporting the "Aussie or Bust" mindset, where I'll accept myself being no where other than Melbourne, Australia come mid-January.

5. Working on one of the six books I've started but not come close to being finished (and yes, I am talking about writing a book, not reading --- we all know I don't can't bring myself to read any book not poker or philosophy related - sad but true.

6. Reviving my soccer "career."

7. Running my weekly charity tournaments locally.

8. Raising the twins.

9. Maintaining some sort of personal life.

10. The Blogger Poker Tour.

10. Everything else not mentioned (eat, sleep, etc).

So yes, I'm quite busy... or is it unorganized? "Yes" is the correct answer, busy being unorganized. So in any event, something has to give here. And, I think my decision is to make only cameo appearances on the virtual felt until after the Super Bowl. Safely assume I will be playing event seven and the grand final of the BPT. Also safely assume I'll appear in one or two CheckRayz events between now and the end of the year. Otherwise, unless it's moving me towards Aussie in January, I probably will not be playing in it - that includes the cash games. I will be writing here regularly and focusing on some modifications to the CheckRayz site, but otherwise, I'm done til after the SuperBowl, because I need the time in my schedule to persue other interests at the moment.

More tomorrow on the Friday mailbag. Moving on...

Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tipses...

As promised, some PLO8 resources.

1. FeliciaLee - Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better resources --- note: I wish felicia would continue to write. I miss her commentary and blogging.

2. O8poker - strategy site.

3. PLO8 key concepts

4. Skinski talks a bit of PLO8

5. BPT Event 7 thread

6. Lauradm getting ready to either discuss her Phil Hellmuth chapter or putting up another picture of herself - coming soon???? (Read: A request from the BeerGuy).


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