Omaha Hi/Lo advice wanted...

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So, in two weeks, the BeerGuy is hosting a Blogger Poker Tour Event. Before you say anything, I know I was in speaking third person, it's an Omaha Hi/Lo tournament. I admit, this is not the game I choose to sit down on the poker table and play to make some buck. I'd bet that I am probably, over time, minus ev in this game - or even in Omaha in general, for that matter.

Anyway, I need some help from the peeps who frequent the Poker Pub. I'm in search of quality Omaha Hi/Lo advice. It seems that not only am I not very well versed on the game, but many others who are members of the BPT are also in the same boat. Oh, I almost forgot to mention... CheckRayz will also be holding at least one Omaha hi/low tourney in December... Double the incentive to seek advice, right?

Edit (add 9.15am): We've started a thread on the Blogger Poker Tour Forum that is discussing the PLO8 game that we're holding. Non-BPT members are welcome to register and participate as well! Also, if anyone out there is interested in starting a blog, be it poker related or non-poker related and would like to either let me know or ask for my help in getting started, drop me a line.

Also... if anyone has any such PLO8 advice or resources, either drop me a line via the comments section, catch me on messenger, post in the BPT forum or send me an email...

Thanks much!


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