I've been quoted... what 'they' say 2b

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I know I go around and do a "what they say" piece the morning after the blogger poker tour events... Which, this "what they say" has really replaced my "pubside chats" because I wanted to try to get more people exposure and also indirectly encourage early and often posting...

Anyway, I still manage to surf around to other BPT Blogs throughout the week, especially when I check down my blog stats to see who is visiting... And back to the spirit of the "what they say" post... I almost never anticipate quoting myself. Additionally, I know I follow several tables at once, in the spirit of covering the event, but I do not ever expect to be "followed" or "Covered"... and in my travels, to my pleasant surprise, I come across the following post from Dangermouse, who is dubbing my table conversation as the quote of the week.

Additional shoutout to Laura, who finished second in event six and discussed the BPT event, also mentioning me... (so far, it seems beerguy references get you front page coverage)... Moreover, her blog has a lot of great photos, as well as some memories, poems and misc. anecdotes. Great blog, check Laura's Blog out here. --- note to self, add her to the BPT search engine.

Speaking of the Blogger Poker Tour Search engine, drop me a line if you need added to it...

Here's Joey's experience from the BPT where he talks about his play... This gives him the BPT quote that I skipped on the first post (though I did quote him)...

Next up, Ohio Mike... "Well...looks like all my boasting about going to Australia in Jan is for naught..."

Beerguy says, "Fear not, ohiomike..." There may be a way to accumulate enough points to make the grand final... Show up for event seven and play your ass off... you'll do well.

moving along... nothing about the BPT, but I really have to shout out to her. She is, in my opinion, the best writer on the blogger poker tour, bar none. ...Tellin carey I'm your hero. It's the other way around. Very talented writer, she is. Stop in, give her a read and say hello...

And finally,a shout out to Chris over at the Chip In Poker Blog where he discusses how... "(He) was outplayed and outkicked and threw my chips away like confetti at a wedding..." Great read, his blog is, so be sure to stop in and represent.

Thanks to everyone for reading, posting, commenting, and playing... Keep 'er comin!


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