The Grand Final Tale of the Tape...

180 some bloggers started, we're down to 20... here's the Grand Finalists, and a bit about them as it applies to the blogger poker tour. Please write in and correct/add any info that requires such.

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skinski - won season 1 event hosted by imjusthere4thebeer,
finished second in his own tourney. 1 final table this tour and 2 top twenty finishes. Season 1 grand finalist

irongirl01 - two final tables, 4 top 25 finishes and hostess of event four.

purechaos - two final tables, busted the beerguy for host bonus bounty.

imjusthere4thebeer - grand finalist season 1, top 20 finish in 4 of six events,
only two time BPT tourney host that's not the poker.com blog, replaced dutch boyd in season 1 as a last second host. Obsessed with drinking beer,laura's photos, and hammer dropping.

viezeman - 4 of six top 20 finishes.

kufolem - winner of event 3. Back to back final tables, three top 20 finishes.

zowiez - host of event six (the largest BPT Event on record), has not finished top 20.

astinaguy - 4 top 20 finishes, of which three were final tables.

iyatoni - winner of event 5, second place finish in event 2.

freeroll26 - won event 4, 4th place in event 5.

natsdad - 2 for 2 after 2 events for final tables, of which
second was a win.

jaynyc - 4 of 5 top 25 finishes, 2 final tables... said to hate money.

dawgroyal - host of event 2, three top 25 finishes.

brodoughno - 3 top tens (events 1, 2, 3)

evil666 - 3 and 2 in last two events, peaking...

egonolsen - season 1 grand final winner, represented poker.com and bpt in the wsop,2 final tables.

cerberi - 4 top 25s.

pearlsnapman - 4 top 25s

hacksaw2000 - 3 top 20s, 2 final tables (magic number 8th place)

ohiomike - season 1 grand final runner up... winner of the Poker Pub Last Call event, first out in event 2. Dangerous when has chippage, fellow Steeler Fan.

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