More on CheckRayz in 2007...

Yesterday, I started discussing what one can expect from CheckRayz in 2007. Today, after digesting some of that talk, I'd like to continue discussing what I have planned for CheckRayz next year...

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I do plan to offer Freerolls on a regular basis. In fact, it is safe to assume that I will be increasing the number of freerolls we have in 2007 up from 2006. Most of my freerolls, however, will be in the form of either CheckRayz satellite freerolls (a way to win a seat into our buyin events), satellite freerolls into larger events (10K or 20K guaranteed tournaments, wsop qualifiers, etc), or promotional freerolls (deposit and play x number of hands to be eligable).

This is not to say that I won't, on occasion, hold a straight up, no strings attached freeroll poker tournament. However, tourneys of that nature will be the exception... not the rule. Surely, there will be one or two rooms that will be strictly freeroll rooms. Additionally, I will not abandon the "introductory freeroll" concept I started in 2006, where we introduce a new poker room via a private, no strings attached freeroll poker tourney.


Starting in 2007 I will begin offering rakeback to our members... Just a wild guess here, but I believe that I will begin offering it with the International Group (non-US players), as there's one room we are with that I know of who is set up to make rakeback easier. I will work quickly to get the US Players of CheckRayz onboard with this as soon as possible as well... It's a matter of negotiating a favorable rake, ensuring this occurs automatically (I do not wish to play middleman for $$$), and also ensuring that the room I select is not going to go away/dry up anytime soon.


Beginning in early 2007, we will be adding our own poker forum to the CheckRayz site. This forum "can" be for talking poker and what not, but will typically be an additional means for me to support questions our players have, and an additional means for me to get news to our membership. I DO NOT envision having a "forum freeroll" EVER... That idea is just straight up gay if you ask me, especially when we're not a "forum" per se. This will also be a good place to hang out and talk, share strategy, exchange ideas, etc.

Changes to the Leaderboard

I think I want to change the leaderboard scoring. I'm not yet 100% certain how I want to adjust this, but size (of the tournament field) will matter. What I mean by this is that winning a 20 person tournament will be weighted heavier than winning a 15 person tourney. I do not yet have plans to award leaderboard points to satellite freerolls, but I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date, which will be announced in advance should I choose to do so. In fact, IF I award Leaderboard Points for freerolls, most likely their will be a seperate freeroll tour of sorts started.

Lots of change to digest there... I plan to make a huge splash in 2007 with CheckRayz... Stay tuned and keep supporting!


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