Poker Pub's Coverage of the Grand Final

I'm not sure why anyone was wondering... there will be complete LIVE coverage of the Grand Final of the Blogger Poker Tour this Saturday right here at the Poker Pub Poker Blog.

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We'll begin tailgating somewhere between happy hour in Moscow and happy hour in Berlin, and we'll continue the partying and live coverage of the tour right on through until there's a champion crowned.

Your's truly will be throwing some chips around in said Grand Final...

I should also mention, Ohiomike asked me to mention that 'in addition to being the first one eliminated in event 2, he had a "shitload" of outs and the nutflush/straight/overcards to the guy who pushed with 9-9 to win the pot.' --- I'm predicting he'll be far from the first one eliminated on Saturday.

Until then...


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