BPT: Lots of Value Being Left Behind

Here's the password to the Blogger Poker Tour event this weekend. In making my travels to some of the BPT Blogs, it seems that there may be some disappointed peeps if they launch me this weekend. Remember, there are additional stipulations I've put on the launch bonus. Keep reading to review them.

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If the tourney were today, many bloggers would be disqualified from collecting the launch bonus for one or more of the following reasons:

1. One must make a post ABOUT the Blogger Poker Tour between Friday 8 December to 11.59pm on Friday 15 December. Many have not... and Friday at 11.59pm is approaching.

2. The BPT banner must be in proper working order... This means it must be clickable (I click and make it to the BPT page).

3. The BPT must be prominantly displayed on your blog --- meaning, when my large monitor and I arrive on your blog, I must see the working BPT banner without scrolling down.

Then, on the day of the tournament

4. Make 1 more post before midnight.

Make sure it's all in order, don't leave value on the table... I do not mind keeping my host bonus if someone who launches me does not do their homework.


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