Mailbag anyone?

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Anyone wishing to participate in the CheckRayz/Poker Pub Friday Evening Mailbag needs to have their questions and/or commentary in by 6pm EST today. Questions submitted after 6pm "may" not be answered or included. Keep reading...

One can submit their questions in one of a few ways. First, if you know my personal email address, send it there. That is the preferred method. Second, you may submit your mailbag questions to me via the comments link. I moderate all my comments, so you may identify yourself and ask questions that way.

Finally, you may get in touch with me via my CheckRayz site. My address there is my name (Mike) at (@) my website (CheckRayz.com). For anyone not knowing, just put everything in the parentheses together.

I may do a blog entry or two between now and then as well...


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