CheckRayz League Leaderboard Explained

A question was asked as to how leaderboard points are assigned in the CheckRayz League at Bugsy's Club. I'll explain that right after the break.

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OK, the rules for the league leaderboard read as follows:

For all events points will be scored on the following basis:

Points are scored in relation to your finishing position, and prize money
won. Last place in the tournament will receive 1 point and 1 point will be
awarded for each finishing position above this. So in a 100 player
tournament the winner will receive 100 points, second would receive 99
points and so on downwards. Players will also receive points for any prize
money they get in the tournament. So if 1st place in the tournament paid
$200 then the player would receive 200 extra points as well.

In other words, $1 = 1 extra point.

So in a 100 player tournament, the winner would receive 100 points for
finishing first and 200 points corresponding to the prize money won for a
total of 300 points.

Translated to the event on the 11th, there were 20 entrants. First place ended up paying $39.50, thus the first place winner was awarded (first prize in dollars + the reciprical of finishing place) = 59.5 leaderboard points. Second place would have received 19 for the finish, plus 23.7 because that's the prize for second place from monday, for a total of 42.7 points. Third receives 18+15.80 and fourth receives 17 points, because no cash multiplier would have been awarded as that's where the cash bubble begins.

Norman, if the math is off, let me know... I believe it is dead on.

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