5 handed (two tables of 5), 11 person live tourney (homegame). Starting stacks 700 chips. Blinds are 25-50, which is level 5. Pot opens to 150. Small blind calls cleanly, big blind folds. Flop comes 8c-7s-5c. SB bets out 225 into the pot of 350. Raiser comes over the top all-in. SB counts chips, has roughly 150 or so behind if he calls and loses, which he does in fact call with little thought.

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SB turns over JJ. Initial Raiser turns over the two seven not suited... Turn comes a 2 of spades, which was one of 6 cards that could have helped your's truly. The river delivers a jack (one of 8 cards that could have hurt your's truly), which effectively sucks out on the hammer, sending your hero to the rail. Sick I tell you, just plain sick!

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