Reflections on Event 5...

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As I sit here reflecting on the record breaking event five of the Blogger Poker Tour hosted by Skinski, I see an event in which the bar has been set. True, Earl managed to take second place in his own tournament. Also true that Earl led the charge to well exceed the previous record number of entries.

But really... Earl has done more than that. In my mind, Earl has now set the standard. He really got out there and pushed the Blogger Poker Tour and his event. I'm friends with him on myspace. Everyone who is linked up to him on myspace was well aware that BPT Event 5 was his. They were all made aware that he was ready, willing, and able to help set them up with a blog and turn them into a blogger.

It doesn't stop there. He made posts on his blog about the event... Regularly. He was ever present in the Poker.com forums as well, plugging, and promoting his event as well as offering assistance and guidance... And this was just the obvious things...

With someone doing that much in the public eye, I can only imagine what they're doing behind the scenes to promote.

To you Earl, I say this... You've set the standard, my friend. I've got event seven that I'm hosting... It's slated to be a PLO8 tourney. Starting right this moment, I'm going to push her to the moon. Thanks for being such a great host. Congrats on all but securing a spot in the Grand Final. And thank you for the inspiration! I hope I can be half the host you are.


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