BPT 7 - What they're saying...

Quotables from event seven of the Blogger Poker Tour - Poker Pub's Last Call... Be sure to visit the actual blogs and say hello!

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PureChaos - "Poker.com has show to be a very respectable company, and demostrated several times to me that they are above par."

PearlSnapMan - "I'm simply a low limit player but where do these guys come up with some of their moves?"

OhioMike - "Made 20th by 3 points, so it ended up that I had to win the event to get enough points."

Lauradm - "But you got to admit, 2 consecutive final tables is pretty good." --- BeerGuy note: 2 for two in final tabling is awesome. You're one to watch next season for sure!

Joey aka DamRiver - "Somebody talk to Shane about the next upgrades possibly having the feature of removing sitters..." BeerGuy note: Agreed! I like the deep stack, but unfortunately, sitouts also benefitted.

Wade79 - "I am happy to say there were 3 5th Street Forum members in the top 10 and Hacksaw and Dangermouse just missing the final table."

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