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I've received feedback wondering what exactly I meant last night in the mailbag regarding my mentioning of rakeback and strengthening of the community. Those items are each different. I will expand the best I can now without giving too much away or speaking out of turn.

1. Rakeback --- I'm planning to secure a nice rakeback deal. I've learned from past experience and watching others that this rakeback should not be for "just anyone." Said another way, this will be for serious players only and not for the player who is "considering depositing on the tenth tuesday of next year." That player is welcome to talk to me on the tenth tuesday, when he or she is ready to deposit. Enough about that... look for such a deal to land in February at the latest.

2. Strengthening the Community --- I plan to do numerous things to strengthen the CheckRayz community. This league of ours is a hit. We are keeping it. We may look to add similar (but not the same) ideas in 2007. I'd not be surprised to see differnt "series tours" within the overall CheckRayz Leaderboard.

Also, don't be surprised to see a place to share ideas, shoot the breeze, express our thoughts, and ask for help. That has been in the works since about three weeks ago --- 10% of all is sitting right here, no tears shed from me.

Bottom line, CheckRayz is going big in 2007.

Have a great weekend everyone. This time, I'm really going to play live... so I will have a live report for you on Sunday or Monday.


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