Pennsylvania to consider Table Games

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The Delco Times is reporting that the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, fresh under Democrat control, is expected to introduce legislation that legalizes allows games such as poker and blackjack into the casinos located within PA.

State Rep. Bill DeWeese, who is in line to step in as the majority leader of the house due to the new one seat majority the Democrats have over Republicans in the State House, plans to introduce the legislation allowing for these games.

The state already is postured as being somewhat poker friendly, as there's already implication that PA looks upon poker as a game of skill. Additionally, this would allow the state of Pennsylvania to compete somewhat with neighboring states New York (allows table game gambling on Indian Reservations), New Jersey (home of Atlantic City), Virginia, Deleware, and West Virginia.

Personally, I suspect that if the slots were approved, this legislation will follow through shortly after and pass with flying colors - at least in principle. Surely, they will figure out some way to stall and clearly define things, but I feel as if it will be sooner rather than later that I'll be sitting at a Poker Table in a casino within the borders of PA - and I can't wait!


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