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I know this so has nothing to do with poker, but I'd be cheating myself if I failed to mention it... I have this little soccer team of mine... This team is appropriately named the Beer Football Club (care to guess who the captain might be?). Excuse the website, as it's grossly outdated and a slight eyesore in some spots, but what do you expect for a drunken hobby, right?

Anyway, last night we were pitted against our rival team. By rival team, I mean that my team split into two "in the middle of the night." More specifically, about five players from my squad broke off and formed their own team without so much as a courtesy mention to us. And while the main squad (mine) was a bit upset about this split, somehow the renegades decided they were going to be bitter towards us?

Long story short... usually we play to a one goal game... one way or the other. Last night, it wasn't even close. Someone had an ax to grind, it would seem. Final score Beer FC 12 - Hooligans 2. Asskicking central - nuff said.

Live casino report later tonight or tomorrow. Take care!


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