BPT Event Seven - PokerPub's Last Call!

This Saturday, 3pm EST (AKA Poker.com time), the Poker Pub Poker Blog is throwing one hell of a party at poker.com, the home of the Blogger Poker Tour.

For starters, if you have a blog and you're a blogger, there's still time to join the blogger poker tour. Why would you, as a blogger who has a blog, want to join... you ask? Simple... Cliffnotes read: $500 freeroll, great poker play, two bloggers are going to the Aussie Millions, more prizes (all totaling $30,000+, as a matter of fact), fun, a strong sense of community, and it just makes sense to play. Tell them imjusthere4thebeer sent ya!

Moving along, I have some news on my Last Call event and a password... so keep reading.

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Blogger? Join the Blogger Poker Tour today! From the Blogosphere to the Aussie Millions... BPT - only at Poker.com!. BPT Event 7 (12/16) Omaha Hi/Low, hosted by The Poker Pub Poker Blog

I'm sad to announce that the original plan of having Last Call be a pot limit omaha hi/lo game has been cancelled. Poker.com made a tough decision and had to roll back the release date of the latest upgrade. Thus, a plo8 game is no longer possible. I know this disappoints some. I find it unfortunate, despite not being an omaha player nor a plo8 player. We will manage though.

In it's place, the Commish and I have decided that we'd go with a deep stacks NL Hold'em tournament. That's right, if this is last call, we're doing it right. 5K in starting chips, normal blinds. The over-under is still 5% of the field going out in round one of the blinds, so do not let the deep stacks fool ya. Deep stacks benefits the technician, so be ready for some great play.

This then brings me to the launch bonus... The change of tourney greatly impacts how the launch bonus affects a player. Originally, the bonus was going to be split amongst everyone who won a piece of the pot. In hi/lo, that would normally be two or more players, unless someone scoops. Now, with moving back to hold'em, it's probably going to be one player winning the launch bonus... unless of course, I run the table from start to finish. By the numbers, I am expecting close to 200 players competing in this final event. If I am close to accurate, then it stands to reason that launching me alone can bring a new player near the top 20. Parlay a strong finish, maybe even a final table, and they're all but guaranteed a top 20 finish to the tour and thus a spot in the grand final.

So recap, launch me - imjusthere4thebeer - score my host points... But wait, before proceeding on, I do in fact have a couple stipulations. I've learned my lesson and do not give away a free lunch... No sir/ma'am. Here's the deal. Launching me makes you eligable for my host points. Upon my launch, I will go to your blog. I need to see two things.

1. You've made a post of some sort (and substance) regarding the Blogger Poker Tour within the past seven days of the event. This means, you've posted at least once about the tour between 12.01am on Friday 8 December to 11.59pm on Friday 15 December.

2. The Blogger Poker Tour banner is both in proper working order (I can click it and get to the BPT page), and displayed so that my oversized monitor and I do not need to scroll down in order to find it. When we send traffic your way, I want them to know you're part of the tour!

Finally, I'll go back to your blog at the end of the day on Saturday (11.59pm EST). By then, you've had to have made a second post on the BPT event. It is at this time that I shall give Shane the OK to issue you my host points. And by this time, you've earned them.

As always, there will be complete coverage of Last Call here at the Poker Pub Poker Blog. And natually, the coverage will be live.

Here are some more Blogger Poker Tour Resources, for your convienance:

1. Unofficial BPT Search Engine code (to add to your blog) - notify me if your site or blog is not yet listed here.

2. BPT Blogroll - I will manually update and scrub this list sometime after event seven (no need to contact) - stay tuned. Feel free to use the code for your websites and blogs.

3. Join the blogger poker tour - tell them imjusthere4thebeer sent you.

4. The official Blogger Poker Tour Forum.

5. Laura posting a photo of her training for Last Call before I even had a chance to request it!

6. The password for Blogger Poker Tour event seven: Poker Pub's Last Call is in fact... lastcall.


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