More 2007 CheckRayz Poker Talk

1 holiday down, another to go... and then Aussie here I come! Now that the excitement has settled in a bit, and the rush of Christmas is behind me, I want to talk a bit about the CheckRayz Poker Tour in the year 2007.

For starters, I have indicated that we're continuing the overall CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour. There will be some key additions to the Tour, which we'll discuss below.

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First of all, perhaps the most noticable of all the changes, is that there will be two distinctly seperate CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tours. We'll have the main CheckRayz Poker Tour --- which all players will be eligable to participate in.

We will additionally have a CheckRayz International Poker Tour. This tour will be for our non-US players. The International Tour games will take place at the poker rooms that no longer accept US Players, but CheckRayz has maintained a relationship with. Rooms such as Kiwi Poker and Noble Poker will be the home of these poker tournaments. Additionally, these games will take place during times better suited to our international marketplace.

Our first CheckRayz International games will take place January 8th at 3pm EST at Kiwi Poker and will be a $5+.50, $100 added buy-in. We'll follow that up on January 9th at 3pm for a $50 freeroll for those who participated in the buy-in. The International Group will have their own leaderboard, eventually - and will help contribute to the overall growth of the CheckRayz Network.

As for the main CheckRayz tour... all will be welcome to participate. We will be using rooms that all players have access to. Our Bugsy's Club League will continue under the main tour and be a league within a league.

I'll talk more about this as the days progress. Have a good 1!


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