Two things I have said come to mind as I write this post. First, I said that last post was most likely my last post of the year... I've also went on the record many times over stating I am against the whole new years resolution thing. If you want to do something, why wait for the New Year, right?

The other side of that coin is, why put off a resolution just because it's the new year, and thus fashionable, right? So here I am with a decision, wait til it's no longer fashionable to set goals to better my life, or start on the turn of the new year.

Actually, just as most things in life, this is not an "either-or" scenario... In fact, I have more choices than just wait or resolve at new years. I can make the New Years Eve Eve resolutions. In fact, I will, because that's what the BeerGuy would be inclined to do.

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First and foremost, I resolve to learn from the mistakes I've made over the past 363.5 days. Trust me when I say that I've made a lot of them, and not just over the last majority of the year either. I've made a lifetime of mistakes. I'm probably a better person for making them too, but one would normally say such things in the eyes of failure, right?

No seriously here... it's perfectly acceptable to make mistakes... in life, in poker. Mistakes happen. To err is human. I'm human, thus I make mistakes. If I could resolve to be perfect, to plan and execute flawlessly every day, every time, I'd do so. I can't, however, deliver on such things. So, instead, I resolve to learn from my mistakes.

To learn from them requires me to have an open mind. It also requires me to acknowledge my error, face it, and look for a way to either not repeat it, or to capitalize on it in the future. Truth be told, a BeerGuy with an open mind is dangerous... Look out world!

Specifically, I need to identify situations that are not profitable or beneficial, and rid myself of them sooner - get away from those who do not have my interest at heart - fold bad draws... nuff said, you get the point - I resolve to learn from my mistakes.

Also, I am committing to improve upon my bankroll management skills, as inspired by Jerry - who will be going to Oz to represent the Blogger Poker Tour at the Aussie Millions. I've been good, but not great at managing my bankroll. Making this a priority will lead to both becoming a better player, and leading a better life. Thinking about the games I play - be it level or likelyhood for profitability, the activities I participate in (is the cost/potential benefit worth the investment of time, money, or heart) will do nothing but benefit me in the long run.

Finally, I resolve to breath... and to embrace the moment. I too often get caught up looking too far out or looking back, and don't necessarily appreciate what is going on right now, til after it's long past. Slowing down, taking time to enjoy myself is clearly in order.

Have a great new years celebration everyone!


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