It's the Blogger POKER Tour...

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Shane did an entry earlier about this being the BLOGGER Poker Tour, when he was citing that bloggers who have a blog and actually blog are what makes up this tour. I think he did a great job of bringing that home. Now here I am, preparing to host event number seven. I'd however, like to touch on another part of that same title. It's the Blogger POKER Tour.

I know we all love hold'em, for the most part... On December 12, poker.com is rolling out some of their new games - stud, omaha hi/low, razz, draw... you know, other POKER games.

Originally, this game of pot limit omaha hi/low was supposed to be irongirls' event. Poker.com, however, was not ready to roll the new games out when she was hosting. Knowing that, and knowing that the event I was to host would coincide with the roll out of the new games, it makes complete sense to host such an event.

Without naming names, or building links... This is the Blogger POKER Tour... not the Blogger Hold'em Tour. And either you're ok with that... or you're not. I think it's a shame that one or two people would whine and complain, citing conspiracy theory, or how unfair it is - specifically the one who was whining about the host on the host table today...

This is a fun tour, a positive tour. And while everyone is in fact entitled to an opinion... if you do not like the event, don't register... If you do not like hosts getting a host bonus, don't play... it's that simple...

We have two weeks... I'm not an omaha player, and surely not an omaha hi/low player either. I'll be looking for, and providing omaha hi/low tips that I come across on the net. Also, I believe I have a CheckRayz Omaha game on the calendar for anyone who wishes to give it a test run.

This is a positive tour, let's keep it that way.


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