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Historically speaking, I’ve not been much of a reader. I have always had a passion for writing, but the reading part really kicked my a$$. In fact, when I was in college, I started and withdrew from six different English and Writing 102 classes, because they required me to read some novel and do a review/critique on the damn thing. I finally found an ES102 class that just required me to write one huge research paper. We’d meet in the library once a week (class was 2.5 hours long).

Getting off track here for a second, this reminds me of a story from this class specifically. I got done with my semester long research paper by the third week. Thus, the focus of the class became socializing with the babes, as opposed to doing the work. One of the girls, Gianna, and I had hit the local bar to “pre-game” the class. We finally showed up to the library right on time, and decided we were hungry… So, I called the pizza joint and ordered a pizza to the top floor of the library.

About 45 minutes into class, the pizza guy shows up, pizza in hand. I pay the man, take the pizza and he hit’s the elevator. No sooner does the door open than two of the library employees show up, getting off the elevator glaring at me. I no-sell them by continuing on to the water fountain to fill my coffee mug with water.

The one uptight lady asks me what I’m doing. I give her the “isn’t it pretty obvious” look. She threatens to call security on me because “it’s pretty obvious” that there’s no food or drink allowed in the library.

Now, being the smartass that I am… I get this confused look on my face. I ask Mrs. Uptight why it is there are drinking fountains in a place where food and drink are specifically prohibited. I go on to cite that I’ll be glad to go outdoors and eat the pizza and drink my water, providing they immediately either remove said water fountains or place signs above all fountains saying “not for human indoor usage.”

Gianna and I ended up eating the evidence before security arrived and I got a big slap on the hand, while campus security attempted to keep a straight face. The Professor - also trying desperately to keep a straight face and knowing my love for reading threatened to give me a supplemental novel review if I ever acted out during his class again.

Back to the point… historically speaking, I’ve not been able to force myself to read much of anything. I got really good at taking “multiple guess” tests, thus I could skate through school, rarely reading the required material, but guessing on the tests smartly. As for my attention span, you either have it or you do not… there is little, if any in between.

During my stint as an investment advisor, I became interested in technical analysis, specifically point and figure charting. Unfortunately, the firms were more so interested in the “sell, invest, forget, repeat” concept than dealing with someone who was a subject matter expert. They wanted a used car salesman, not a knowledgeable portfolio manager; yet I was expected to position myself as such.

I respect history and keep with current events. I read on things as they catch my eye. I can pick up a poker book and read it cover to cover in one sitting. Yet, I cannot bring myself to read for leisure for some strange reason. I’m not certain, but I think I am missing out. I wish to force myself to read for leisure and as a form of relaxation.

I plan to start small. I already blog quite a bit (ya think?). I also read several poker blogs daily. I am committing to seek out and read anywhere from three to five “non-poker blogs” a day. How am I going to find these gems, you ask? The little “next blog” button up above on the blogger toolbar is where I am going to start. As I find these new blogs, I’m going to post the blogs in which I’ve discovered and read right here. This will both keep me accountable, and perhaps allow any of my three readers the opportunity to do some new reading as well… With any luck, maybe I’ll be able to read one of my kid’s picture books cover to cover for enjoyment five years from now if I keep on pace.

Today’s leisurely reading list:

On the blog Bandwagon - nice writing on procrastination... I totally relate.

Muthagander - a poetic daily rag of sorts, setting current events to poetry... pretty funny.

network street - lot's of useful technological information. Specifically, I found interesting and useful an article detailing Darknet - "internet" of sorts that does not allow one to be personally identified. They also offer masked ip addresses from Sweden for a low price.

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