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I've had some time to digest yesterday's Blogger Poker Tour Omaha event. I got lucky, it's that simple. I caught a run of nice cards a few times over and when they mattered most. My decisions were as simple as possible for me. When they were difficult, I was probably not looking at them the right way (i.e. - Thinking wow, that's a steep bet, do I call? When in actuallity, I should be thinking do I raise or fold). My goal, as a player yesterday, was to make the game as simple as possible for me, because Omaha is not a game in which I am intimately familliar. I believe I accomplished my goal, and additionally had loads of fun while doing so.

As for the blogging end of the equation, it's difficult to cover an event in which one goes deep in - especially in a game that one is not truly familliar with. I'd see bustout hand after bustout hand, and I'd have to stare at the hand history for quite a while, as it was not obvious to me how the losing hand lost the way it did. I felt like a newbie to hold'em, not understanding how his flopped two pair lost, holding ks-5s vs AA and the board reads k-5-2-6-2. And yes, I do remember those days... Even had a flashback or two of them in yesterday's event.

Speaking of yesterday, big thanks to Shane, Poker.com, Irongirl, and everyone who made the event happen. Additional shout out to freeroll26 - you da man!

Finally, consistancy is the key to successful poker play. After four events, these are the players who are seemingly the most consistant during this season (and yes, I've taken notice...):

two top 20 finishes

DavidMalek (3 top 20, of which 1 final table)
michael1965 (3 for three top 20, 1 final table - 2nd place)
Teanter (2 for 2 top 20s)
debbiedragon (2 for 2 top 20)

two final tables

kufolem (win, sixth, 11th in three starts!)
brodoughno (three top 20 finishes)
natsdad (1st, sixth)

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